The Voice's Craig Eddie had to celebrate his epic win by drinking whisky alone because of social distancing rules

THE Voice winner Craig Eddie was walking on air after winning the show last night – bagging himself a huge record deal into the bargain.

But unlike every other champ on the singing competition, there was no wild party waiting for him or free bar to enjoy – so he ended up drinking whisky alone in his hotel room.

The likeable 23-year-old from Falkirk explained that social distancing rules on the ITV hit meant fun was off the cards.

He told The Sun: "That's the weird part, the social distancing. The celebrations hadn't been the same. I went back to the hotel and had a whisky."

But there is plenty for Craig to celebrate – his self-written winner's song, Come Waste My Time, is already No1 on iTunes.

And he is set to be one of the most interesting performers to have come out of reality singing shows in recent years.

The Scot explained that, despite being the favourite, he was so stunned to have won that he walked about the stage in shock even once the cameras had stopped rolling.

He said: "I've always had that insecurity. I'm not always the most confident. I really over-analyse every single performance.

"I wasn't focused on the positives, I was focused on every small defect. But luckily no one else was."

Craig added: "This is just the start. I've written so many songs and I still am writing songs. I'm just trying to create music that people haven't heard before.

"I'm trying to be a bit out-there and stand out from the crowd and hopefully that's my chance at success."

And, when he returns to Falkirk to a hero's welcome – one he's actually "a little bit nervous about – there's one man he needs to prove wrong.

Gordon Ramsay slammed the place in a bizarre outburst on his quiz Bank Balance, insisting: "Falkirk is not a city, it's a s***hole."

Craig laughed: "The timing was just impeccable. I think my blind audition was on and two weeks later Gordon Ramsay called it a s***hole.

"I hope to prove him wrong."

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