The show must go on Bargain Hunt star Natasha Raskin Sharp explains BBC absence

Antiques Roadshow: Natasha Raskin Sharp says she "can't watch" the silver toddy warmer auction.

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The Scottish-born presenter, 35, has fronted a range of popular auction shows such as Bargain Hunt, Flog it! and Antiques Road Trip. Starting out as a guest presenter on BBC Radio Scotland’s The Music Match, Natasha later became the host of her very own weekly programme in 2017. Known for playing eclectic music mixes, the much-loved broadcaster is a woman of many talents. Over the festive period, listeners had noticed Natasha’s absence from the show on more than one occasion, the DJ took to Twitter to explain why.

She wrote: “I won’t be in the @BBCRadioScot studio tonight…”

The TV star told fans why she won’t be presenting on her usual slot.

“I’m in Thailand, which makes live broadcasting a little tricky!” Natasha revealed.

The host told BBC audiences: “Do tune in at 10 pm tonight, though.”

The Glaswegian presenter, who also showed off a few holiday snaps, told BBC listeners: “The show must go on & @ravirajsagoo is in the hot seat.”

She added: “Only one thing left to say…wish you were here! X”

Natasha had passed the baton to her fellow co-star Ravi Sagoo, who presents on his All Night Long programme on the station.

Having worked for the former US President Barack Obama during the 2008 elections, Natasha joined Glasgow auction house McTear’s, as an auctioneer.

As a regular contributor for the BBC, the antique specialist tied the knot with TV producer and director Joe Sharp in 2016.

Joe, whose surname Natasha took upon marrying, is credited for producing The Great Hotel Escape and The Big Painting Challenge, as well as Antiques Road trip. 

Creativity seemingly runs through the Raskin family with her father Phillip Raskin, who is a renowned Scottish artist successfully selling work around the world.

While the TV couple are believed to reside in Glasgow, located close to her parents, the TV star previously revealed how it was her father that first inspired her love for auctioning.

Chatting to the BBC about her decision, she explained: “I was gently nudged in the direction of the antique trade and auction houses by my dad. 

“Who thought that I’d be well-suited to the environment,” she continued.

The broadcaster added: “Although I’d never normally admit it.”

Speaking about her father, Natasha confessed: “He was absolutely right!”

Away from her family life Natasha first hit screens when she joined the Bargain Hunt team back in 2013.

The art specialist had been scouted by a series producer whilst at an auction house in Scotland.

Shortly after her big break, she was offered another huge TV role on Antiques Road Trip in 2015.

Bargain Hunt is available to watch on weekdays on BBC One.

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