The Rookie Sneak Peek: Lucy Faces a Big Decision After Rosalind's Attack

The following sneak peek reveals the fate of The Rookie’s Chris Sanford, who was brutally attacked by Rosalind Dyer at the end of the Season 5 premiere.

The Rookie‘s Officer Lucy Chen has a career-related decision to make this week, in the aftermath of serial killer Rosalind Dyer’s attempt on ADA Chris Sanford’s life in the Season 5 premiere.

Lucy (played by Melissa O’Neil) spent much of the season opener on an undercover assignment with former TO/Sergeant Tim Bradford (Eric Winter), where through their “Juicy” and “Dim” personae they each came to realize true feelings for one another.

But just as Lucy invited Tim into her apartment after returning home from Vegas, they found Lucy’s beau Chris (Kanoa Goo) splayed across her couch, bathed in blood with his wrists slit — the handiwork of a bitter, on-the-lam Rosalind.

The sneak peek above reveals that Chris in fact survived, and yet Lucy nonetheless feels guilty… about how her distinct role in Rosalind’s larger NYPD vendetta put a target on her boyfriend’s back.

What career opportunity in Sacramento might Lucy now pass up, because of her inner conflict? Press play above to find out!

Elsewhere in the second episode of Season 5, airing this Sunday at 10/9c on ABC: As “golden ticket” bearer Nolan (Nathan Fillion) inches closer to his new role as a training officer, he is tasked with overseeing Officer Thorson (Tru Valentino) as they uncover the truth about another officer’s suicide.

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