The Repair Shop’s Suzie Fletcher teases ‘hugely emotional’ moment ‘I cried!’

The Repair Shop: Suzie Fletcher's surprising favourite repair

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The Repair Shop returns to BBC One on Wednesday night with a brand new series. Viewers will see host Jay Blades and his team work hard to restore treasured items to their former glory. One of the programme’s crafting experts, Suzie Fletcher, has hinted what fans can expect to see from the new series. The star confessed she was left in tears after a “hugely emotional” moment on the show.

Suzie was welcomed onto Steve Wright’s BBC Radio Two show on Wednesday afternoon to discuss the new series of The Repair Shop.

The leather expert chatted about her love of the show and teased some details of what fans can expect in the upcoming new episodes.

Steve asked: “Suzie, is there a favourite thing from this series that you ended up working on or you saw worked on, on the show?”

“Yes,” Suzie replied. “It’s a little shoe.”

Keen to know more, Steve enquired: “What is the shoe? Is there an emotional reason behind the shoe?”

Suzie was careful not to give away any spoilers, but revealed the restoration of the item was a very “emotional” process.

“Hugely emotional. It carries the most important story for a family, but also one that I think the nation can really get behind,” she said.

Steve remarked: “I’m going to cry aren’t I?”

“You are,” Suzie replied, suggesting many viewers will be brought to tears when they watch the show.

“Are there tears on the show?” Steve asked, with Suzie confessing: “I cried.”

Suzie shared her thoughts on why viewers often have an emotional connection to the stories on the show.

“There’s the human touch, isn’t there? Everybody can relate to the story that’s being shared in one way or another,” she commented.

Suzie noted in addition to feeling an emotional connection, viewers find the repair processes shown on the show “fascinating”.

She praised The Repair Shop for igniting people’s interest in specialist craftwork.

The expert said: “A lot of people have never actually seen that something can be taken apart and what goes on inside and what makes the clock tick.

“That is a fascinating thing for anyone to see and it sparks that curiosity.”

Suzie revealed some keen viewers contact her to find out more about the restoration processes showcased on the programme.

“We often find, on the back of that, people contact us privately and say ‘But, how does that work? How do you make that happen?’

“It’s just grown this huge interest,” she added.

The Repair Shop series 9 premieres on Wednesday at 8:10pm on BBC One.

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