The One Shows Alex Jones returns to share baby daughters adorable name

Alex Jones thrilled The One Show fans with another appearance on the programme after giving birth to her baby daughter just weeks ago.

The TV host, 44, who is currently on maternity leave couldn't stay away from co-star Jermaine Jenas for too long.

Until now, the name of Alex's third child has been kept a secret as the Welsh TV star needed to speak with grandparents before announcing the details.

However, after speaking with all relatives far and wide, she was able to reveal the sweet name which is Annie.

After welcoming her baby daughter into the world with husband Charlie Thomson last week, Alex appeared on Tuesday's show but couldn't confirm any details about the name.

Joining the TV programme via video link, Jermaine said: "You've done it to us, you've brought the baby, she is gorgeous."

Alex responded: "When the titles were playing, and by the way I love the new ones and the new set, but I am sure she opened up her eyes and smiled as I am sure she probably thinks, 'I've heard that music before'".

Opening up about details surrounding the birth, Alex added: "She came very easily and she's tiny, as you can see, like two bags of sugar.

"She's just gorgeous and so far, she is still in her sleepy phase but she is really easy, really relaxed, let's hope it stays like that."

Jermaine was keen to establish if the baby had a name live on air but Alex was hesitant, explaining there had been issues.

Alex explained: "With a name, today was the deadline, because I thought right, we shall just tell everyone what it is.

"So, we were between two but then we finally decided on one, so we rang Charlie's parents who are in Auckland in New Zealand, and they're in lockdown.

"They can't be over here, sadly, so rang them last night which is this morning and we didn't get an answer.

"So, I have just spoke to Charlie and he said that he doesn't think we can tell everybody until mum and dad know as the grandparents already cannot be here to meet her, so we are going to have to ring her tonight."

Alex went on: "The thing is that I am now building it up and it is a very simple, kind of classic name, but I think it is only fair that we tell granny and grandad first."

However, she added: "I am really happy to pop back tomorrow night, if you want, to let you know."

The One Show airs weeknights on BBC One at 7pm

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