The Office star details agonising search for missing sister-in-law

Mackenzie Crook discusses missing sister-in-law Laurel Aldridge

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Mackenzie Crook, who played Gareth in the Ricky Gervais sitcom from 2001 to 2003, appeared on ITV’s Good Morning Britain a week after his sister-in-law Laurel Aldridge’s disappearance. The actor issued a plea to ITV viewers to check “sheds or outhouses” for the 62-year-old.

Last Tuesday, Laurel was reported missing from her home in West Sussex, and there have been no signs of her since.

The actor detailed how his wife’s sister left her home without a phone, keys, or money.

She was last seen at Slindon cricket ground on Tuesday but there have been no updates since.

Laurel was diagnosed with cancer last year and apparently missed a chemotherapy session on the day she disappeared.

Addressing the public on Good Morning Britain, Mackenzie, 51, stated: “She was diagnosed with cancer last year.

“She missed a chemo session last Tuesday, and we think that’s what’s triggered some sort of crisis in her.

“And she’s gone off for a long walk somewhere and that’s the last we’ve heard of her.”

He added: “We’re really clutching at straws now, after a week.

“Mackenzie, do you have any clues or hunches as to where she might be in the country – are there any special places she might have returned to where people can keep their eyes peeled?” Good Morning Britain presenter Ed Balls asked.

“Well, I mean we’re in West Sussex, the South Downs, there are so many wooded areas.

“It’s quite overwhelming, we’ve been combing the woodlands for a week now.

“We can only think that yeah, she’s hopefully taken shelter in a back garden, a shed, or in an outhouse or something, that’s what we’re hoping.

“And obviously, we’re asking people to check all of those places, their gardens, even if they’ve done it before to go back and check again, just in case she’s still on the move.

“There are some specific roads that we think she may have crossed in that time – the A27 in both directions between Fotnwell and Arundel, and the A29 between Fontwell and Houghton, and anyone driving in the Slindon and Walberton areas, to check the dashcam footage would be really helpful.”

“And how is your wife coping?” Co-host Ranvir Singh asked, adding: “We can never get into the minds – we’ve of course been talking about the Nicola Bulley case for the last three weeks, which came to a very sad conclusion this week.

“But the waiting and the not knowing must be absolutely agonising, I can only imagine.”

“Yes, it is, it’s agonising but I’ve seen nothing but determination and stoicism from the family,” the actor replied.

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