The Handmaid’s Tale season 4 spoilers: Moira to land Fred in prison after major promo clue

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Although the state of Gilead still stands, June and Mayday dealt some severe blows to the patriarchal regime in The Handmaid’s Tale season three. When the series finally returns to Hulu and Channel 4 next year, Commander Waterford could face retribution in Canada for his past crimes.


Rebellious Handmaid June (played by Elisabeth Moss) led the underground resistance Mayday to victory by smuggling a group of children across the border at the end of season three.

Unfortunately, production on The Handmaid’s Tale in Toronto was stalled following the outbreak of coronavirus, delaying the release of season four to 2021.

During the unexpected hiatus, fans were treated to a first-look trailer for the new season, released on YouTube on Wednesday, June 24.

The trailer promises the action will be picked up where the previous instalment left off, with much of the action being moved out of Gilead’s reach to Canada.


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After the events of season three, June’s former masters the Waterfords are now being detained in Canada after Fred Waterford (Joseph Fiennes) was lured across the border.

Fred also betrayed his equally cruel wife Serena Joy (Yvonne Strahovski) by exposing her crimes against June, and the pair could finally be brought to justice in the next season.

Some viewers have speculated their influence with Gilead is too great to wind up behind bars, although a brief sequence in the new trailer could suggest otherwise.

Fans flooded to Reddit to propose June’s best friend and former Handmaid Moira (Samira Wiley) could be integral to testifying against the Waterfords in an upcoming court case.

Redditor bigfoot114 posted: “Moira is wearing a tight gray sweatshirt and walking down a hallway with a look of seriousness and urgency on her face.

“There is a man walking behind her also in a gray shirt but with a white collared shirt underneath.”

The sequence lasts less than a second and doesn’t reveal much, but this observant viewer suggested the official looking setting could indicate some sort of courthouse.

They added: “Are they in a courthouse in Toronto to serve in the case against the Waterfords? Tough to predict in such a short clip.”

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Although Moira isn’t placed with the Waterfords before her escape to Canada, she knows about June’s experiences thanks to their covert meetings in the secret elite club Jezebel’s.

With her knowledge of the Waterfords and freedom outside of Gilead’s jurisdiction, Moira could be in an ideal position to give evidence against Fred and Serena.

Moreover, another brief clip may have already revealed Fred is eventually incarcerated during the events of season four.

The fan continued: “Fred Waterford is seen dressed in all black and in a dark concrete room. Potentially a prison?”


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However, one fan took to the comments to propose another theory, after pointing out a scene in which Aunt Lydia (Ann Dowd) could be referring to Serena, rather than June, as being ‘beyond redemption’.

They said: “She could also be talking about Serena, who might start to rat out the whole of Gilead to avoid jail, because in Canada she can’t play the ‘I’m only a victim’ card.”

Thanks to their insider knowledge, Fred and Serena may be set loose to further terrorise the women of Gilead and seek their revenge against June in season four.

The Handmaid’s Tale season four will be released on Hulu and Channel 4 in 2021.

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