The Cook of Castamar season 2 release date: Will Netflix revive the series?

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The Cook of Castamar is on Netflix now and the period drama has made its way into the streaming platform’s top 10. The drama was originally released in Spain back in February 2021 and reached a global audience on Netflix in July. has all you need to know about whether there will be a second season.

Will there be another series?

The Cook of Castamar, otherwise known as La cocinera de Castamar, is a TV adaptation of a novel.

The original source material was written by Fernando J Muñez and it is set in Madrid in the 18th century.

In this love story, agoraphobic cook Clara Belmonte (played by Michelle Jenner) falls for the Duke of Castamar (Roberto Enríquez).

At this moment in time, the series has not been renewed for a second season and it seems the last episode of season one acted as the series finale.

However, due to the show’s popularity on Netflix, it could be revived for another outing.

When will season 2 be released?

If Netflix does give the green light for a second season, fans will most likely have to wait until 2022 to see results.

The first season was made up of 12 episodes, all lasting about an hour long, so a new season would take a long time to produce. Season one took four months to make.

There is a chance the streamer will drop the episode count down to 10 or even eight episodes for a second season.

With regards to filming, there is nothing in the pipeline at the moment, but fans should never say never.

One fan said on Twitter: “I need Season 2 of The Cook Of Castamar!”

Who will be in the cast of season 2?

If the series is given the go-ahead, Jennet and Enríquez will return in some capacity.

The series also stars Hugo Silva as Enrique de Arcona, María Hervás as Amelia Castro and Jean Cruz as Gabriel de Castamar.

Actress Jenner is on Instagram and she shared a photo of her character saying: “The Cook of Castamar is in the top 10 of Netflix in 61 countries, thank you!”

Both Jenner and Enríquez were nominated for Best Actor and Best Actress awards at the 23rd Iris Awards in 2021.

What will happen in season 2?

At the end of the first season, the Duke finds Clara and tells her he did not marry Amelia Castro (María Hervás) and that he renounced his title.

This means the couple can finally be together and it is the perfect ending to the season.

With this in mind, a second season would have to focus on the characters’ lives as a couple.

Whether this makes for a gripping drama is yet to be seen, and Netflix will have to take this into account.

As the series was released on a different network originally, it makes planning for season two all the more difficult.

The star in charge of adapting the original novel, Tatiana Rodríguez Vázquez, told Out of Series about how tricky the ending was.

Vázquez said Clara and Diego’s relationship was difficult to portray, adding: “But in the end, there is something of a romantic factor and a classic love story and that they didn’t end up together was a very sad ending.

“Our big challenge was how to do it a little differently because everyone expected them to end up together.

“And the great dilemma was also who gave up his life, since the relationship that the characters of Michelle Jenner and Roberto Enríquez long for was simply forbidden.”

The Cook of Castamar is on Netflix now.

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