The Conners: Becky's Addictive Tendencies Resurface in Surprising Way

Recovering addict Becky picked up a new (and worrisome) vice during Wednesday’s episode of The Conners.

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Her troubles began almost as soon as Jackie installed a lottery machine at the Lunch Box. Becky didn’t think anything of it, but after Harris told her about a guy at the tattoo parlor who put $50 in a similar machine and walked away with $10,000, Becky decided to try her luck. Before long, she was staying late at the restaurant and blowing through cash she didn’t have. When Dan finally confronted her hiding losing lottery tickets, she said it was no big deal; she was just trying to “get a little financial independence from the family,” she said. But further questioning revealed that Beverly Rose’s mom lost more than just a couple of bucks. She was down a full paycheck.

“Other people can do this. They can lose and then walk away, but you can’t,” Dan explained. “You’ve got a history of starting things you can’t finish,” alluding to her previous dependency on alcohol. “Now, it’s great that you don’t want to rely on us, but you’re going to rely on us a lot more if you lose all your money.”

“This one kinda snuck up on me,” Becky responded vis a vis her latest compulsion. “I guess I just got hooked on the hope that I could make a couple big hits and finally get ahead.” But it would never be as simple as that. And knowing Becky would struggle if the temptation was there, Dan unplugged the machine and took it with them as they left the restaurant. He’d lie and tell Jackie it was stolen.

Becky’s struggles with addiction date back to 2018’s Roseanne revival. She quit drinking cold turkey after getting pregnant with Beverly Rose in Season 1 of The Conners, but relapsed in Season 3 and did a stint in rehab. While in recovery, Becky got to the root of her alcoholism, revealing that she first turned to booze after her first husband Mark (played on Roseanne by the late Glenn Quinn) died in a freak motorcycle accident. A recap of the dramatic reveal is embedded above.

Are you relieved to see Becky nipped this latest addiction in the bud before it blossomed into something more severe? Hit the comments with your thoughts.

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