The Circle chaos as players left in disbelief over catfish Jay’s actual identity

The Circle viewers are set to watch the most explosive episode yet as Jay's true identity is exposed.

In Thursday night's dramatic climax, Jay, or should that be his mum Katie, finally met fellow catfish James, who is pretending to be single mum Sammie.

Friday night's episode will start with that exciting meeting, before the bombshell is dropped on the rest of the players.

The newsfeeds are updated with a goodbye message from Jay after being blocked by the influencers.

Before the big reveal, most of the players are convinced that Jay is who he says he is, unaware that Katie was pulling the strings.

Brooke says: "I think Jay was real. I think Jay was genuine. So I'll be very surprised if he's not."

Having rumbled the catfish, Tim shakes with excitement and says: "I think he's his mother but I may be wrong."

While Ella May admits she feels like something is "not right" and questions whether it is actually Jay's mum.

"Hello lovelies," comes Katie's booming voice as the secret finally gets out.

Stunned Brooke almost spits out her tea as her jaw drops to the floor.

How will the players react to the bombshell?

The Circle viewers can't wait to see how the players will react to the Jay bombshell.

One excited fan said: "Tonight will start with the catfish convention which should be great fun"

"I can't wait for their reaction when they realise," added another.

A third said: "Brookes face! can't wait to see Tim's reaction i can imagine the giggly Tim coming out"

"Can someone see if tim is ok…that noise at 35 seconds," joked a fourth.

With Jay/Katie gone, there is space for a new lad to enter The Circle.

Newbie Paddy jumps onto his new bed and decides which picture he is going to use.

He says: "With any disability, especially physical, you know you have to own that disability 100% or people see your vulnerability straight off.

"I'm all about acceptance and knowing who you are pushing the boundaries of what it means to be disabled but it's quite nice not being the disabled guy all the time."

*The Circle airs tonight on Channel 4 at 10pm

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