The Chase’s Jenny Ryan horrified as doctor ‘fat shames’ her for not losing enough weight

JENNY Ryan has revealed she was "fat-shamed" by her doctor during a telephone appointment.

The Chase star, 39, shared the experience with her Twitter followers, confessing the exchange left her feeling "awful".

She wrote: "Isn't modern life great? Your GP can now fat-shame you over the phone, so you don't have to waste time travelling and sitting in a waiting room before being made to feel awful about your own existence!"

Revealing what happened when the doctor enquired about her current weight, Jenny added: "'Do you know your current weight?… Oh… That's *significantly* lower than last time, well done. Not good enough though, is it?'"

Jenny's followers were outraged by her admission, with one replying: "The audacity of that GP, man. Bloody hell!"

Another said: "Absolutely shameful that anyone thinks this is an acceptable thing to say to anyone."

And one fan told her: "Ignore Jenny. You are beautiful and people who respect you like me don't care what weight you are."

Earlier this year a member of Jenny's team were forced to hit back at a social media troll who branded her a "fat b b***h " in a vile message.

The user said: "You’re a pompous arrogant fat ugly b***h. You are the worst chaser."

But Jenny's admin quickly fired back: "Hi, thanks for getting in touch. Messages to this page are monitored by Jenny’s admin team.

“We can pass on messages or answer questions. Thank you for your message. You seem like a decent chap which obviously gives you the right to body shame and demean women.

“Your loved ones must be really proud of you!"

Jenny, also known as The Chase's Vixen, shared the exchange and added: "Your periodic reminder to #BeKind. We're all human beings behind the keyboard/touchscreen.

"Thank you to everyone who supports me, including those who do so quietly. And thanks to the people who dislike me but choose not to write to me telling me why (in detail) – your silence is appreciated."

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