The Chase's Governess, Beast and Dark Destroyer take on children and ROBOTS in bizarre new show

THE Chase's Governess, Beast and Dark Destroyer will pit their wits against robots and genius kids in a brand new ITV show.

Mark Labbett, Shaun Wallace and Anne Hegerty will star in The Chasers' Road Trip, travelling as far afield as Japan and America on a journey that will test their intelligence like never before.

Presenting ITV's winter schedule today, channel boss Kevin Lygo said: "We get to see three of Britain’s biggest brainboxes as we’ve never seen them before.

"On this intellectual journey like no other, our cerebral celebrities question if we underestimate animal intelligence by exploring the brightest sparks in the animal kingdom."

In the US the Chasers will face a Bonobo ape that can read, a chimpanzee memory wizard, a gaming orangutan and a dolphin.

Back in the UK they battle it out with child geniuses to try and uncover whether intelligence is innate or developed.

Kevin continued: "While some of the UK’s brightest kids impress Anne, Mark and Shaun, they are shocked to learn that they themselves have something surprising in common, which could unlock the mystery to the trio’s amazing memories."

And in Japan, the trio are introduced to some world-beating AI as they look to see how it will impact the future of mankind.

"Our quiz masters encounter some of the world’s cleverest computers and the very latest in artificial intelligence in an attempt to find out if we humans are heading for a utopian future…or are destined to be taken over by robots," said Kevin.

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