The Chases Bradley Walsh gobsmacked as guest shares unusual hobby in tense show

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    The Chase fans were left in fits of laughter after one contestant wasn’t afraid to share their unusual hobby on air.

    During Thursday’s visit to the ITV studios (March 2), gameshow host Bradley Walsh welcomed four new quizzers onto the show looking to put their general knowledge to the test.

    As fans tuned in for the primetime show, the former Coronation Street star introduced Patrick, Charlie, Gemma and Connor onto the programme before they battled it out to take home the all-important cash prize.

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    This week, the quartet were up against Jenny ‘The Vixen’ Ryan who made sure to bring her A-game as she faced off against the wise quizheads.

    But the teatime show took quite a turn after the Stoke-on-Trent native stepped up to the podium for the tense cash-builder round.

    As Bradders thanked him for competing on the show, the host asked him about what he likes to get up to in his free time.

    It was at this point that Connor revealed that one of his favourite things to do in his down time is to play Dungeons and Dragons with his friends and dress up as his alter ego Chloe the Rabbit.

    But he doesn’t keep his secret identity a secret, as the egg-head revealed he often struts his stuff through the streets of Manchester in his elaborate costume and regularly attends conventions with his pals in costume.

    He began with: "On the weekends I like to dress up as a giant rabbit and walk around the city.

    "So I'm called Chloe when I'm a rabbit. It's around Manchester, not on my own it's with a bunch of friends. We all have our own costumes we all have different animals, some dragons, sharks, wolves, foxes."

    When he was asked why he enjoys dressing up as the hopping bunny, Connor simply explained: "Because it's fun, it's nice to be someone else for a while."

    Despite losing Gemma halfway through the show, the trio managed to make it through to the final round where they battled to defend their winnings – which was an eye-watering £12,000.

    And the group went on to show off their impressive general knowledge after they beat Jenny with just one question remaining.

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    As Bradley congratulated the trio on their success, he asked them what their money would be going towards.

    When it came to Connor, the pro-gamer revealed he would be spending his share of the money on a new costume – but this time it would be a lizard.

    Bradley chuckled: "What a way to spend your dosh, dressed as a lizard walking round Manchester. Well, they'll know it's you won't they!"


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