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REALITY TV franchises collide for season one of The Challenge: USA.

Former cast members from Love Island, Big Brother, Survivor, and The Amazing Race are back to compete against one another for the top prize on The Challenge: USA.

Who is in The Challenge: USA cast?

In February 2022, CBS announced that several offshoots of MTV's The Challenge were in development.

The first season of The Challenge: USA includes a cast of reality TV stars who already gained a following from the first shows they appeared in.

Previous cast members from a variety of CBS programs are included in the cast for the aforementioned spinoff.

The Challenge: USA's participants are comprised of TV personalities from Big Brother, Survivor, Love Island, and The Amazing Race.

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The competitors for the first cycle of the crossover-spinoff series are:

The competitors from Big Brother

  • Angela Rummans (US Season 20)
  • Azah Awasum (US Season 23)
  • David Alexander (US Seasons 21 & 22)
  • David Xiao (US Season 23)
  • Enzo Palumbo (US Season 12, 22)
  • Alyssa Lopez (US Season 23)
  • Kyland Young (US Season 23)
  • Tiffany Mitchell (US Season 23)
  • Xavier Prather (US Season 23)

The competitors from The Amazing Race

  • Leo Temory (Seasons 23, 24, & 31)
  • James Wallington (Season 32)
  • Cayla Platt (Season 33)

The competitors from Survivor

  • Tyson Apostol (Seasons 18, 20, 27, & 40)
  • Tasha Fox (Seasons 28 & 31)
  • Sarah Lacina (Seasons 28, 34 & 40)
  • Shan Smith (Season 41)
  • Desi Williams (Season 35)
  • Domenick Abbate (Season 36)
  • Ben Driebergen (Seasons 35 & 40)
  • Danny McCray (Season 41)

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The competitors from Love Island

  • Cashay Proudfoot (US Season 3)
  • Cashel Barnett (US Season 1)
  • Cely Vazquez (US Season 2)
  • Melvin “Cinco” Holland Jr (US Season 3)
  • Javonny Vega (US Season 3)
  • Justine Ndiba (US Season 2)
  • Kyra Green (US Season 1)
  • Shannon St Clair (US Season 3)

How does The Challenge: USA work?

Regarding how the series operates, CBS shared: "Upon arrival, the CBS reality titans are given $1,000 to start their individual challenge accounts.

"They quickly discover they must battle to keep and increase their handsome reward.

"In each episode, an algorithm pairs contestants who will face off to earn money for their accounts by winning challenges or eliminating their opponents."

The winner of The Challenge: USA will receive a prize of $500,000 and the title of Challenge Champion.

In addition, the winner will move on to an international showdown with the winners from the British, Australian, and Argentinian versions of the same game.

How can I watch The Challenge: USA?

On July 6, 2022, The Challenge: USA premiered its first episode on CBS.

Hosting the series since season 11 of the MTV original, TJ Lavin returns as the host of the competition.

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New episodes, new challenges, and new eliminations are aired weekly on Wednesday at 9pm EST.

For those that miss the original broadcast, viewers will be able to stream the competition via Paramount+.

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