The Boys confirms season 2 release date and lifts lid on new supervillain ‘worse than Homelander’ – The Sun

THE second season of superhero action series The Boys will drop on September 4 and will feature a very nasty new villain.

The new supervillain is called Stormfront and will replace Translucent as a member of The Seven he died in a 'bum blast' explosion.

Stars of the show promised Stormfront is bad, she is even more evil than resident bad guy, Homelander who heads the Seven.

The satirical series is based on the comic book of the same name and follows a team of vigilantes who fight against villains with superpowers who abuse their abilities.

Two groups are the focus of the show, the Seven – the premier superhero team – and the Boys, who are vigilantes trying to keep the arrogant and corrupt superheroes under control.

Speaking during an online Q&A with other actors and show bosses, actress Aya Cash who plays Stormfront described the new baddie as a "nuclear reactor".

She said: "I think Stormfront is like a nuclear bomb that goes off in The Seven. Maybe nuclear bomb isn't the right word. We're in Chernobyl. There you go. It's a Chernobyl thing.

"I think she's here to blow up Vought. She's here to try to get Vought back to the original idea behind creating superheroes… And she can be quite the feminist.

"There's a lot of, I wouldn't say misdirect, but she also is a very empowered woman."

Fans got to see a short scene during the Q&A hosted by Patton Oswalt which showed Stormfront meeting Homelander and Queen Maeve for the first time.

One thing fans picked up on right away from the teaser clip is just how much Stormfront loves to use Instagram Live.

The first series of The Boys was a huge hit for Amazon when it premiered in July last year.

Show boss Eric Kripke previously stated Stormfront's character intentions will remain the same as the comic books, as she takes on Homelander for the right to the leader of the world of superheroes.

The producer told "Our version of Stormfront kind of evolves over the season.

"We’re all news junkies, and we tend to pay attention to things that are happening out there in the world."

He added: "And I am horrified and sad to report that there is a rise of white nationalism. And it’s taking a very different form than it took in the 40s.

"It takes a very social media savvy trying to attract young men and women form. And so, we got really interested in creating a character that could represent that for us."

The Boys series one is available to stream on Amazon Prime now.

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