The Blacklist season 9: Reds true identity to never be exposed as fans spot clue?

The Blacklist: NBC announce return with gripping teaser

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With season nine returning to NBC next week, fans have continued to try and unveil the biggest mystery of the series. Despite this, a viewer has spotted a major clue which could suggest The Blacklist may never reveal Raymond ‘Red’ Reddington’s (played by James Spader) true identity.

Throughout the series, fans have come up with countless theories to identify Red after his bizarre appearance in season one.

As a criminal mastermind and number one on the FBI’s Ten Most Wanted Fugitives, Red suddenly turned himself in.

However, the one condition he had was to solely work alongside rooky Liz Keen (Megan Boone), which later made fans believe he was her estranged mother Katarina Rostova (Lotte Verbeek).

Despite this, one eagle-eyed viewer noticed a clue from season eight, which could indicate the show may never reveal Red’s true identity.

Taking to Reddit, user AnalyticalTrader wrote: “In “Nachalo” Reddington eventually reveals to Liz the truth that his identity as Raymond Reddington was in fact created by the real Katarina Rostova and Ilya Koslov.

“With the intention of protecting Liz and that the woman that she knew as Katarina was the real Katarina Rostova,” and added, “The real Katarina Rostova is still alive somewhere.”

“This is our answer, I believe we won’t know his identity until the very end of The Blacklist or not at all.

”Liz wanted answers, but those answers is what kept her alive since she was born. Going after those answers would have eventually led to danger, which eventually resulted in her death, “ the viewer concluded.

Fans were devastated at the season eight finale which ended with Liz murdered, just before she was about to learn more about Red’s true identity.

In the episode, Red had promised to give her a letter from her mother which revealed who Red really was.

However, to get the letter, Liz had to first kill Red and ensure her safety, as “a force to be reckoned with”.

But after meeting up with him she couldn’t go through with it and was shot dead by Townsend’s hitman, before getting a chance to read the letter.

User Slider5876 agreed with the Reddit post and responded: “At this point, they would have been better off playing Red as straight up the real Raymond Reddington and going Burn Notice where there was a big bad every season.”

After turning himself in, Red was able to gain immunity and became part of the task force to conduct covert operations and investigations.

Another fan spy1101001 fumed at the thought of never discovering Red’s identity and threatened to stop watching the series.

They commented: “What a waste of eight years and eight seasons, OH! We’re going to find out who Red really is finally!!…err nope, why I am not going to bother watching it anymore.”

Thankfully for fans, after a mid-season break, The Blacklist will return to screens next week and hopefully, it will give more clues about Red’s identity.

With viewers eagerly awaiting episode seven, the series revealed it would focus on Donald Ressler (Diego Klattenhoff) and how he mourned the death of Liz, with a series of flashbacks.

As season nine kicked off with a two-year time jump and the task force disbanded, fans have yet to gain an insight into how each of the characters dealt with the aftermath of Liz’s death.

Promo photos for episode seven titled also teased the arrival of two new characters, so fans will have to stay tuned to find out who they are and their relevance to Ressler.

The Blacklist season nine returns to NBC Thursday, January 6.

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