The Beatles film: First look at Fifth Beatle Brian Epstein in Fab Four biopic

The Beatles: Get Back trailer released by Disney

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Later this year the newest film based on the story of The Beatles is due for release. Midas Man takes a different angle on the Fab Four’s story, however, as it focuses solely on Brian Epstein, the band’s manager.


This week the film received its first look at Brian actor Jacob Fortune-Lloyd in costume.

Earlier this year in April Jacob was announced to be taking on the role of the iconic man behind the scenes.

The star is best known for playing Townes in the Netflix hit The Queen’s Gambit.

Jacob’s first shot as Brian, which can be seen below, shows him in the dapper attire the Beatles’ leader was known for.

With a coy smile and a poised finger, Jacob truly encompasses the upper-class dignity held by the iconic music manager.

This wasn’t the only news to come from the Midas Man bosses at Studio Pow.

It was also revealed this week that fellow Liverpudlian Cilla Black will also be getting the Hollywood treatment in the upcoming biopic.

Cilla will be played by Rosie Day of Outlander fame, with the fiery red hair that the Blind Date star is known for.

A number of other historic people have also been cast in the film.

The band’s producer, George Martin, will be played by Charley Palmer Rothwell.

Meanwhile, Gerry Marsden, of Gerry and the Pacemakers, is due to be played by another young star, Jordan Kelly.

The actors in the roles of John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr have not yet been announced.

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The synopsis of Midas Man indicates it will focus solely on George Epstein’s journey into discovering The Beatles.

The movie’s tagline reads: “On Thursday, 9th November 1961, a man named Brian descended the stairs to a cellar in Liverpool and changed the world forever.”

Midas Man’s producer, Kevin Proctor, recently praised Jacob as Epstein. He told Variety: “One of the reasons we loved Jacob for this role is that Brian Epstein was the personification of dapper, quintessential charisma, and Jacob felt like the man to bring that to life.

“The fact that he’s been able to do just that to such electrifying effect in one image shows that we have the right guy.”

Jacob himself said: “It has been inspiring to learn about Brian’s life and his achievements, and it is an enormous honour to represent him on screen.

“His style is a key ingredient to my understanding of his character. It reveals his flair, creativity, sensitivity and good taste.

“And his fastidious elegance was also a kind of armour against a challenging, sometimes dangerous world.”

Midas Man is due to hit cinemas on December 31, 2021.


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