The Bachelorette: Hannah Brown's Mom Slams Luke P. — 'You Are an A–'

Hannah Brown‘s mom has got her back.

During Monday night’s drama-filled Men Tell All episode of The Bachelorette, Luke Parker was grilled by his castmates and Hannah Brown. Now, Hannah’s mother, Susanne, can be added to the long list of those that have spoken out against Parker’s behavior.

In a since-deleted Instagram post, Susanne shared a picture of Parker on her television screen while watching the episode — and she had some harsh words for the 24-year-old import/export manager.

“In the bag!!! You would not have made it pass me you are a A–!!” Susanne wrote, as captured on the Comments by Celebs Instagram page.

Upon seeing the Instagram post, Hannah asked her mother to delete it, but stood by her critique against Parker.

“Mother. Delete. And never use social media again. I love you though (and you’re right),” the former pageant queen commented on the post.

Susanne’s dislike for Parker likely stems from last week’s episode in Greece, when Hannah sent Parker packing after he told her that he expected her to refrain from being sexually intimate with the remaining contestants.

Despite Parker trying to win back Hannah by interrupting her rose ceremony with the three remaining contestants during this week’s episode (with a ring in his pocket!), she sent Parker home for good, and he was forced to face the consequences of his actions during the Men Tell All segment of the episode.

As the eliminated cast members reunited to discuss the season, shots were taken at Parker by nearly all of the men, who denounced his behavior towards them and Hannah.

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“I’m going to be honest,” said eliminated contestant Mike Johnson. “I feel that Luke hasn’t learned a thing whatsoever. I think that you are a narcissistic, cantankerous misogynist. I think that you are beyond cocky to the point to where you don’t care what no one else says. I feel that you were not fighting for her. … You were fighting over her. I think that your future wife is going to be a prisoner with you if you don’t know how to change.”

Parker was also slammed by Luke Stone for his “disturbing” actions, while Connor Saeli accused him of being “a liar, a manipulator” as well as “a psychopath.”

When it was Hannah’s turn to divulge about her relationship with Parker, she explained why she kept him around all the way to the final four, despite the men’s insistence throughout the season that he was the root of the problems.

“I think it’s hard for a lot of people to understand,” she said. “It was hard for me to understand at times. But ultimately, I’m really glad that relationship is behind me. I learned a lot from the experiences I went through and the heartbreak I ultimately went through from discovering that I deserved so much more than I could put up with.”

Parker then took the chance to apologize to Hannah face-to-face.

“Well first off, you look great,” he said. “It’s good to see that smile on your face still. I really don’t have much to say, just the fact that I’m sorry that I made the whole process for you so difficult. I just want you to know that I’m sorry for that. I will say thank you. You actually did teach me a lot as well about myself, Scotland taught me how to self-reflect, and you taught me how important it is to self-reflect. I will say thank you for that. I’m sorry for making it about me and being prideful at times and making the whole process difficult for you.”

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When host Chris Harrison asked Hannah if she told Parker’s church youth group that she would not be using the fantasy suites for sex like he had alleged, she replied, “I did not say that.”

“Fantasy suites aren’t used for sex, Luke,” Hannah said. “You didn’t have one, so maybe you don’t know, but the fantasy suites aren’t for sex. You’re making everything about sex and it’s not. … I’m so over being slut-shamed and [feeling] like that makes me not a woman of faith. I live my life and make mistakes and sin every single day … but that’s what grace is for. … And those fantasy suites, that’s not what they were about. They were about having a relationship where I grew really close to the men and knowing their heart. It’s not just about the physical, and that’s where you’re getting it really, really wrong.”

After Parker departed the stage, Hannah thanked her suitors for their season-long support of her.

“Know that I’m really thankful that you stuck up for me when you did, you supported me when you did and you encouraged me when you did,” she said. “I know it had to be really hard, but I am just really thankful for the guys that were here that were honest with me and real with me. So I just want to say thank you.”

She also gave a hilarious apology to Bachelor Nation for keeping Parker on the screen for so long, declaring, “The Luke P. show is canceled.”

The two-part finale of The Bachelorette airs next Monday and Tuesday on ABC.

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