Teen Mom Jenelle Evans slammed for claiming 'Covid tests cause cancer' after refusing to get tested when she was sick

JENELLE Evans has been slammed as "stupid" by fans after claiming "Covid tests cause cancer" while recovering from her illness.

The Teen Mom 2 alum previously faced backlash for "pushing Covid vaccine conspiracy theories" and for refusing to wear a mask on several occasions.

Jenelle, 29, has been sick for the past few days, and fans have urged her to get a Covid test.

However, the reality star decided against the test as she explained that she has "sinus problems."

"Listen, whether you have Covid or not, there's no medicine that can help you," she claimed.

Jenelle then shared a TikTok video of a woman alleging that Covid swabs are "saturated with ethylene oxide."

The user, @notcarolinaconservative, claimed that the "human carcinogen" increases the risk of "lymphoma and breast cancers."

The TV personality agreed with the account, as she wrote: "Yeah…Idk about that test."

Fans were shocked by the admittance, as they rushed to Reddit to slam the star as an "idiot."

"Thanks but I'll get my information from professionals, not some random on TikTok. She's such an idiot….." one ranted.

"She has a medical degree, y'all! She knows what's up," a second wrote sarcastically.

"It's insane how people can be THIS f**king stupid. Like, seriously," a third added while a fourth agreed: "She is so stupid."

Another joked: "Thank you, Juhnelle MD. So happy she's here to educate us," while one scathed: "I freaking hate her I just can't anymore."

"Why are people allowed to be this f**king stupid," a final roasted.

Jenelle has faced criticism for her opinions throughout the pandemic, and in December she encountered hate for several anti-vaccination tweets.

The mother of three hopped on Instagram in order to ask her fans if they planned on getting the vaccine once it reached distribution.

Most of her followers responded no, so she wrote on Twitter: "Did y'all see my results on my poll about the vaccine? Hard no from most of my followers."

After referencing a viral video of a nurse passing out after the vaccine, one fan replied: "Lol I passed out getting a blood sample once. Fainting from a needle doesn't prove the vaccine is poison gtfo."

However, Jenelle proved her true skepticism as she wrote back: "She was a nurse… I doubt a needle makes her pass out."

Fans then rushed to Reddit to discuss the MTV star's claims, as several called her opinions "uneducated."

"Can we, like, petition to get her to stop. At least get Twitter to put a 'stupid' disclaimer on her tweets. I'm in a cranky mood and she's just so insufferably stupid," one ranted.

"I love how it's literally the most uneducated people that spread this s**t," another declared.

Jenelle also incited controversy when she provided hypocritical information about masks during the pandemic.

The young mom refused to wear a face-covering while indoors, and wouldn't mask her three-year-old daughter Ensley while in public spaces.

"I hear Twitter is tripping about this video?" she asked.

"It's not deleted and she's under 5 so no she's not going to wear a mask."

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