Teen Mom Jenelle Evans' compared to Mean Girls character Regina George's mom for wearing same pink tracksuit

TEEN Mom fans think Jenelle Evans is trying to look like Regina George’s “cool mom” from Mean Girls in one of her latest TikTok videos.

The mother of three shimmies and shakes in a neon pink sweatsuit to It's The Bob For Me by Aquila in the clip.

Standing next to a giant potted plant and a floor-to-ceiling window, Jenelle followed the viral choreography and waved her hands in circles and did a mini squat, giving viewers a side view.

She then shimmied her chest before facing the camera and swaying her arms to the sides.

Jenelle confessed in the caption: "itsthevibeforme ✨🥰 I tried.. lol."

It was less the sunset-time dance that had Teen Mom fans intrigued, it was her matching pink tracksuit-style outfit.

Many compared her to Mrs. George, played by Amy Poehler in the 2004 movie, who wore a similar ensemble and famously told her daughter Regina (Rachel McAdams): “I’m not a regular mom, I’m a cool mom.”

One Redditer joked: “Jenelle isn’t like a regular mom dude she’s a ‘cool’ mom”

Another user threw out another reference to the movie, writing: “on wednesdays we wear pink”

The slow-paced, shimmy routine in the video and the sweatsuit look had fans cringeing.

“So much secondhand embarrassment,” wrote one Teen Mom 2 fan.

Another said: “She is such a dork. I die of second hand embarrassment every time I see one of her videos.”

Meanwhile, some of Jenelle’s TikTok viewers appreciated the look and asked where they could get the sweatsuit themselves.

Jenelle told them it was from Target, and others jumped in to say they have the same one and are matching with her.

Though she opted for a fully-covered outfit this time around, Jenelle often prefers to dance in sports bras and bathing suits on her TikTok.

Last month, she pulled on a sports bra for a new routine, which she uploaded two versions of for fans to enjoy.

She also took to the video site to showcase a fresh routine that showed her dancing in a patterned crop top bra – and her slippers.

A few days ago, she used TikTok to reveal she has a new job she can't wait to share more details about soon and gave a little look at the studio she'll be working in.

Meanwhile, she has previously blasted trolls who "make fun of her body" by showing her curves in just lingerie on TikTok.

Although clearly loving dancing in the comfort of her own home, Jenelle and husband David recently went mask-free on a night out to a bowling alley and bar.

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