Teen Mom Jade Cline shares video about 'trauma' after accusing mom Christy of 'stealing her painkillers' during surgery

TEEN Mom Jade Cline shared a video about experiencing 'trauma.'

Followers recently accused her mom Christy of 'stealing her painkillers' after her surgery.

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Jade shared an Instagram video of a man saying: "I don't know who needs to hear this… but 'Hyper Independence' is the result of TRAUMA.

"'I don't need anyone…' and 'I'll just do it myself…' Really means my ability to trust has been injured by people systemically failing me… and letting me down… You do need people."

Earlier this month, Jade took a selfie with her mother, Christy, after fans accused her of "stealing" her daughter's surgery pain pills.

Jade tweeted a picture with her mom captioned: "The recovery definitely didn’t goes as planned but sometimes that’s how life is. It’s on and done with.

"We’ve all moved on. Y’all want me to hate my mom over this shit which is crazy.

"You ppl love misery lol at the end of the day that’s my mom and I love her."

Previously, she had shared similar statements on her Instagram stories as she answered some of her Teen Mom fans' questions.

When a follower asked Jade "where did your mom go and why did it take so long to come back after being asked?," she told them: "She dropped me off at the AIRBNB to go get my prescriptions, but she said she couldn't find it anywhere and that's why it took her so long to get back.

"Of course, I was mad. I'm still upset about that whole thing. But I've moved on from it. I don't let things stay attached to me and cause me distress anymore."

Another follower then chimed in on the situation and said: "Sorry but I think your mom filled the script and took the pills or kept them for herself."

On Monday, Jade, 24, took to her Instagram stories to flaunt her new look post-cosmetic surgery.

The TV personality posed making made a kissy face to her fans, looking much different than pre-surgery.

Jade has been showing off her thin face and figure after undergoing liposuction 360 and a Brazilian butt lift.

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