Teen Mom Jade Cline admits she wants to adopt a child when daughter, Kloie, 3, is about 'five or six'

TEEN Mom star Jade Cline has revealed she has plans to adopt a child in the next few years.

Jade, who welcomed her daughter Kloie in September 2017, revealed on social media that although she is keen to have more children, she would consider adopting.

"I plan on adopting my next child," she shared.

"There are a lot of children in the system that need homes, I plan to foster to adopt."

She went on to add that she has already thought about when as well, admitting that she will wait until "Klo is around five or six."

But fans were concerned that Jade had not thought through the implications of fostering, with one commenting to remind her that "the entire point of the foster system is REUNIFICATION – not adoption."

"Her intentions are good, however, her home life is not," added another, referencing her on-and-off relationship with Sean Austin, and her parents struggle with drug addiction.

In January 2020 The Sun revealed that Jade and Sean had been court orderd to pay thousands of dollars in an eviction court battle.

The pair had failed to pay rent on their Indiana home that appeared in Teen Mom 2.

She has also faced problems when her mother and step-father were arrested for possession of meth in 2019.

Christy’s husband and Cline’s step-father, Michael Smith, was also arrested and charged with multiple counts of possession.

Jade has also come under fire from fans after she admitted to carrying a gun when she is with daughter Kloie as she feels safer.

The Teen Mom 2 star – who had a Brazilian butt lift last month – was also forced to defend herself last month when mommy shamers claimed she only fed her daughter junk food.

Taking part in a Q&A on Instagram, one follower asked the reality star "why do you give your kid so much junk food to eat?"

"WTF are you talking about? Last time I checked I dont know who the f**k you are and you def dont see what I feed my child on a daily basis," she wrote.

Jade joined the cast of Teen Mom 2 in 2019 and replaced Jenelle Evans after she was fired following the dog killing scandal.

MTV fans first met the 22-year-old mother when she appeared on the reality series Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant when she was expecting her daughter, Kloie.

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