'Teen Mom 2': Did Jenelle Evans Lie About David Eason Killing Their Dog?

Maybe once a reality show star becomes enveloped into the reality show world, they can never shake that persona, even if fired from said show. Jenelle Evans is one who we all thought escaped the black hole of MTV’s Teen Mom 2, outside of her being the problem rather than the series itself. Then again, we could say her husband, David Eason, was the real reason MTV canned both of them.

The issues with Eason are too numerous to mention. One of the most egregious was when it was said he shot the family dog last year because the canine supposedly bit one of the Eason children.

Now it is being said Evans made up the whole thing to keep the publicity machine running. Is this what Evans will become from now on as a reality show victim?

Did Jenelle Evans really make up the dog story, or is there still truth to it?

According to Page Six, the police investigation into Eason shooting their dog, Nugget, turned up no significant evidence anything ever happened. At the scene, Evans supposedly said she made the whole thing up to keep the family in the headlines.

Hearing this was a bit of a jaw-dropper considering she’s turned much more dependable and sane since her early days on Teen Mom. Then again, her own mom, Barbara Evan, and fans of the show thought it was a huge mistake she ever hooked up with Eason.

Several things have happened directly on the show that shocked everyone, mainly what appeared as abuse of the couple’s children. MTV had enough when they saw this. However, the real reason cited was when Eason supposedly shot the dog as payback for biting one of the kids.

Now Jeanelle Evans says the dog is just missing and wasn’t shot, but not everyone buys this story. The worst theory is she’s desperately covering for Eason for reasons unknown.

Is David Eason misunderstood?

Outside of the horrible things Eason was seen doing on Teen Mom 2, Evans keeps standing by his side as being a basically good father. She’s faced obvious abuse at his hand more than once, and Barbara Evans continues to cite Eason as a monster.

When the couple won back custody of their kids recently, Eason reportedly started an argument at Barbara Evans’ home when coming to pick up the children. In the grandmother’s mind, he can’t really change and may need professional help.

Many would like to think the couple can find some stability after winning their kids back. The devoted grandmother is worried to death about the welfare of the kids now because she thinks they’ll be miserable in the Eason household.

We have to wonder about Jenelle Evans as well when making up a story sounds like reality show tactics she’ll never be able to escape from.

Do reality shows make their former stars continually hungry for the spotlight?

There should be a study done on what the lingering effects of starring on reality shows does to the leading participants. We haven’t always heard good outcomes for those who’ve participated in reality shows ranging from Survivor to cooking competitions.

In the case of Evans, she may have been a part of Teen Mom 2 so long, she can’t escape craving the spotlight. This is obviously a dangerous state of mind to be in and may mean taking more desperate measures to keep themselves in the news.

It clearly worked again since a million articles about the dog incident are online, not including our own piece here. Other reports now say the police reported the liar story and not her.

We still say she needs to decompress from thinking she needs to always be talked about in the media. The more she can have quiet time away from cameras or media writers, the more she can escape from a place of no return.

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