Swedens Eurovision star Loreens Tattoo is a tragic sentiment about love

Loreen – Euphoria – Live – Grand Final – 2012 Eurovision Song Contest

The Eurovision Song Contest is kicking off on the BBC tonight, May 9, with the first of two semi-finals.

Singer Loreen, who won the competition back in 2012 with her track Euphoria, is making a comeback in the first heat with a very different message.

Her new song, Tattoo, is about the thought of saying goodbye to a partner if the relationship were to break down.

Loreen sings of how a lover “stuck on [her] like a tattoo” and she believes “there will come a day” when they can be together again.

The song begins: “I don’t wanna go, But baby we both know this is not our time. It’s time to say goodbye.”

She continues: “Until we meet again, ‘Cause this is not the end. It will come a day when we will find our way.

“Violins playing and the angels crying, when the stars align then I’ll be there.”

There are two verses to the main message behind the song: “No I don’t care about them all ’cause all I want is to be loved.

“And all I care about is you. You stuck on me like a tattoo.”

“No I don’t care about the pain, I’ll walk through fire and through rain just to get closer to you. You stuck on me like a tattoo.”

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The stage set-up for the song is inspired by Loreen’s nomadic heritage as she explained to wiwibloggs: “I am from the mountains, so I felt like I wanted to created this nature-ly environment.

“Beautiful elements like stone and sand and sky and all these beautiful things that we sometimes forget.”

Loreen re-collaborated with the creators of the winning track Euphoria for this track and she said it was written exclusively with her in mind.

She told Eurovision Fun about her upcoming performance: “Spirituality will definitely be there.

“Euphoria was the sunset and the moon, while Tattoo is the sunrise.”

“I want the viewer to be able to interpret my appearance as he wants! You will see another side of me.”

Touching on the lyric about the importance of love, she told official charts.com: “It’s the only thing that matters for one reason – it’s the antidote to negative energy.

“It sounds corny, but what is love? Forgiveness is love. Being in a loving space, that changes things. It is necessary.

“And to be completely honest, I know that there’s this narrative of bad things happening in the world but let me tell you, it is my belief that the majority of people are great and we’re heading, consciously in the right direction.

“There are more vegans and vegetarians than ever. Some people are slow. I don’t have to mention names, but many people are already there.

“I think that’s one of the reasons why so many people are resonating with the song and the performance. Because if you look at it, even if it’s abstract, I’m surrounded by nature. I’m surrounded by love.”

The first Eurovision semi-final airs tonight on the BBC from 8pm, with the second semi-final airing on May 11 and the grand final on May 13.

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