Susanna Reid sparks GMB backlash for ‘utterly ridiculous’ Javid interview: ‘Please stop!

Covid-19: Sajid Javid asks public to 'follow rules' at Christmas

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With the Omicron variant sparking fears of further Covid restrictions as well as reports Boris Johnson flouted lockdown rules last Christmas, Susanna Reid and Rob Rinder had plenty of questions to put to Sajid Javid on Wednesday’s Good Morning Britain. While Mr Javid insisted he was “certain” that “all rules around the pandemic” would’ve been followed by politicians, Reid and Rinder continually probed the Health Secretary on the reports before eventually moving on to the fears of further rules if the Omicron variant spreads. However, the manner in which the ITV presenting duo did so didn’t go down too well with many ITV viewers.

After facing questions regarding the prime minister’s reported flouting of lockdown rules last Christmas, Reid turned her attention to the possibility of another lockdown.

With the Omicron variant already leading to the reintroduction of face coverings in selected settings, Rinder and Reid grilled Mr Javid on whether or not he could “rule out” another lockdown before Christmas.

Mr Javid replied that in “my short time as Health Secretary”, he’s learnt not to make any guarantees on something as fast-moving as Covid cases and new variants.

But Reid followed this up by saying that viewers would perceive his answer as there potentially being lockdowns around the corner.

Mr Javid interjected to try and make clear that no plans for a lockdown were currently in place.

However, the line of questioning sparked quite the uproar from a number of viewers who took issue with Reid and Rinder’s phrasing.

Samantha said on Twitter: “@GMB please stop getting ministers on and letting @susannareid100 ask them the same questions again and again. 

“We all want answers but once he’s given an answer, move on so we all get the most out of the interview, it feels like your asking the until you get the answer you want.”

Fellow GMB viewer Wendy added: “@GMB @sajidjavid is it any wonder why politicians don’t want to go on this show! @ITV Stop reporting for click bait headlines and report actual informative news.”

John also argued: “@GMB utterly ridiculous questions to the Health Secretary! ‘You cannot rule out a Christmas lockdown?’

“How on earth can he do this!? No one knows what impact the Omicron variants impact will be! Don’t forget Jenny Harries is an advisor only a very cautious one!”

While Lynda criticised: “Susanna Reid at it again. She just can’t miss an opportunity to criticise our PM. A huge amount of wasted time talking about a supposed party at no 10 last year. Surely it was more important to talk about this year. Not panic the public into worrying about possible lockdowns.”

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And @EmmaRa70 claimed: “Why is Susanna Reid running a campaign for everyone to be locked in their homes indefinitely in full PPE with a covid vaccine IV permanently attached? 

“Her patronising scaremongering has driven me to switch to the BBC, that’s how annoying she is!”

However, others were more concerned with Mr Javid’s refusal to be drawn on the reports of Mr Johnson’s flouting of the rules as well as his plans for the public during the Christmas period.

David Thompson argued: “Sajid Javid defending the undefendable on GMB this morning. 

“If he wasn’t in govt when the (alleged) party took place at No.10 and hiding behind rhetoric that rules Should have been followed. Same old Tory nonsense, one rule for them, and another for the rest of us.”

While James Archer weighed in: “Sajid Javid on @GMB insisting that a party at No.10 which couldn’t have followed the rules and which he couldn’t explain how it possibly could have followed the rules actually did follow the rules if it did take place but couldn’t say if it did take place or not, when it did.”

And Julian added: “@GMB Savid Javid blustering on GMB. One rule for us….”

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