Susanna Reid shuts down heartless GMB guest as he tells viewer Grow up!

Susanna Reid accuses guest of being ‘heartless’

Presenters Susanna Reid and Ben Shephard led a debate on the ITV morning show about whether or not it was acceptable for adults to have teddy bears on their beds.

Viewers were asked earlier in the programme to share their views and at one point 100 percent said bears should not be banned for adults.

However, guest Mike McClean disagreed as he appeared as a Good Moring Britain guest.

As Susanna read out a heartfelt story from a viewer who has a teddy bear, Mike demanded she “grow up,” and was branded “heartless” by Susanna.

Sitting on the other side of the debate, guest Emma argued there is nothing wrong with having teddy bears.

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Susanna gasped as Mike continued: “Listen, if I want to see a bear it’s in the woods and it better be having a picnic.

“That’s the only time I want to see a bear…”

“Sorry, that’s a really emotional story and a really good justification,” Susanna argued.

She went on: “It’s not just because it’s a stuffed bear that she quite likes – it reminds her of her grandmother, you’re being heartless!”

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“A photograph reminds you of a grandmother, your memories remind you of your grandmother, you don’t need a stuffed animal to remind you of your grandmother,” Mike stated.

When asked later what the “cut-off age” of owning teddies should be, he replied: “I think four… maybe five hours after you’ve been born, then get rid of the bear.”

As Mike explained women who had bears on their beds would be a turn-off for him, Susanna asked Emma: “In a hypothetical situation if you have got the chance of someone perhaps making a visit, would you put bear under the bed, for instance, rather than on the bed?”

“I mean my bed is enormous frankly, there’s room for me, several people, and the bear!” The guest admitted.

Ben Shephard probed: “So you wouldn’t worry necessarily about whether that would put the person off?”

“No!” She responded. “Anyone who is that much of a snowflake (that) they can’t handle being in a bed with me and one teddy bear is not worthy of my bed.”

“Trust me, I’m far from a snowflake,” Mike scoffed in response.

Good Morning Britain airs weekdays from 6am on ITV.

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