Susanna Reid caught rolling eyes at Richard Madeley on GMB

Susanna Reid rolls her eyes at Richard Madeley on ITV GMB

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One of the big debates on Tuesday’s Good Morning Britain was whether viewers would be willing to try “mammoth meat” which has been created using DNA from the extinct animal and African elephants. Richard Madeley made several jokes about the meat and his co-star Susanna Reid was caught rolling her eyes as he teased viewers could soon be growing tusks.

As a clip of the meatball was shown to viewers, Richard explained: “That is mammoth meat.

“That is predominantly extinct meat. What next? Dodo diners, dinosaur dinners?”

Susanna cut in to share her concern, commenting: “What that makes me think, if it is just DNA and it’s cultivated in a lab, is there anything actually animal about it?

“What I mean by that is, could a vegan eat it because it didn’t involve killing animals?

Richard replied: “That’s a really good question. We will ask [the people in Amsterdam] who did this.

“Can you eat a mammoth meatball and remain vegan? It’s fascinating.”

Richard went on to joke: “Or would you grow tusks?” which failed to impress his co-host.

Susanna was seen rolling her eyes at his suggestion before smiling at the camera.

Later in the show, Richard and Susanna spoke to the team in Amsterdam who had created the meat to learn how it was created.

They explained they hadn’t yet tasted the meatball as they were unaware of what allergens it could have.

They went on to add the meatball was not for consumption but simply to bring attention to the future of food and the availability of meat in the future.

Richard took the opportunity to joke about “growing tusks” once again with Susanna sighing at his remark.

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Moving the interview on, Susanna questioned if the meatball could be eaten by vegans, with the team explaining: “I think that’s up to each individual, vegetarian or vegan.

“These are cells often obtained from an animal and then grown indefinitely so we can take an an almond-sized, about the tip of your little finger, and take that small tipsy from an animal and produce enough food to feed whole cities with this new cultured meat technology.”

Richard cut in: “And it doesn’t have to be mammoths does it? We could be talking technically about Dodo drumsticks?”

They guest agreed: “Absolutely. There’s just not enough genetic information to make that work.”

Good Morning Britain viewers were unimpressed and took to Twitter to question the point of the segment.

“So they wasted money to produce something you can’t eat and they have no plans on anyone eating, makes sense…. #gmb #goodmorningbritain,” @FlopsyPickle posted.

@Auntie_Dana tweeted: “So basically it is sheep meat with ingredients including tomato with a very small amount of mammoth DNA which makes in inedible. Absolutely pointless & disgusting. #GMB.”

“I’ve just had to check it’s not April 1st! #GMB,” @CLB1978 posted.

Good Morning Britain airs weekdays on ITV from 6am.

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