Strictly’s AJ Odudu admits ‘nothing will top’ first meeting Kai amid romance rumours

Strictly: Aj Odudu says "nothing will ever top" meeting Kai

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Strictly Come Dancing contestant AJ Odudu and her professional dance partner Kai Widdrington joined Lauren Laverne and Harry Judd on Friday evening on The One Show. As AJ gave an insight into her journey on the BBC dance competition so far, she also opened up on her feelings towards Kai and revealed that “nothing will top” when they first met.

The last few weeks have seen romance rumours swirling around TV presenters AJ Odudu and professional dance partner Kai Widdrington after their steamy Argentine Tango.

Appearing on The One Show, Harry asked AJ: “AJ, you said you’re having the most amazing time, what has been the highlight for you so far?”

AJ revealed: “Oh my gosh, all of it, but I think nothing will ever top meeting Kai for the first time, getting on like a house on fire and coming out on the Strictly Ballroom doing the Jive.

“I was so shocked with everyone’s positive comments like there’s no feeling like it, it was amazing,” she said, looking at Kai.

AJ also revealed the struggle she has been facing throughout the show after she broke her toe trying to dance to the Strictly theme tune.

Lauren said: “AJ, it’s unbelievable to think that before you have done this, you had never done any dancing at all apart from dancing to the Strictly theme tune and apparently that didn’t go very well.”

AJ admitted: “It didn’t go very well I ended up breaking my toe on the disco ball, that broken toe is coming back to haunt me each and every week, I tell you.

“My gosh, my feet are killing, it’s my big toe on the right foot, so if you ever see anything dodgy going on, that’s what it’s all about, but honestly, I am having the best time.

“It’s so much fun, and even just watching back old dances, I just can’t believe it is me on the dancefloor.”

Harry went on to joke: “Me neither she’s annoyingly good, literally within weeks I was like she’s already better than me how is this possible!”

Last week, the dancing duo topped the leader board, earning a whopping 39 (three 10s and a nine) out of a possible 40 for their energetic Charleston.

Saturday night, they will be taking on the Paso Doble to Ruelle’s track “Game of Survival”, and AJ revealed how she has been feeling in rehearsals.

“It’s one of those dances that I’ve been looking forward to learning for the longest time, but it’s the posture, you have to sort of like lean forward but be back and up.

“Kai keeps saying you have to be rooted in the ground, and then come out, and I’m like ‘what does this mean!’.”

Lauren turned to Harry and said: “Harry, you’ve danced the Paso Doble, any words of advice?.”

Harry joked: “I’m not sharing any tips with AJ she doesn’t need it, I got my mate Tom in the competition; I shouldn’t be sharing secrets!”

Since the series began, AJ and Kai have been embroiled in romance rumours, with them appearing to nearly lock lips at the end of spicy performance for the Argentine Tango.

AJ and Kai have previously addressed the romance speculation with Rylan on It Takes Two.

Kai explained that he previously said to AJ if they made the viewers think that they were romantically involved, then they achieved their aim with their performance.

While AJ didn’t speak on the rumours, she was grinning from ear to ear as Kai addressed their very apparent spark on the dancefloor.

Strictly Come Dancing continues tonight at 6:40pm on BBC One. 
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