Strictly Come Dancing 2020: Max George unveils insider advice off series 13th winner Jay

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The One Show continued tonight and Alex Jones and Amol Rajan were thrilled to announce the first three contestants taking on Strictly Come Dancing 2020. But, it seems The Wanted star Max George might have a one up on the competition after getting advice from 2015 winner Jay McGuinness. 

“Are you relieved it’s out there?” Alex asked the star. 

Max explained: “I’ve sort of known for a few weeks now but in the last few days I’ve thought I need to tell people now.

“I spoke to Jay earlier, he left a couple of voice notes.”

Alex added: “Jay McGuinness was a bit of a legend, how are you going to measure up?”

Max scoffed: “Against Jay? No chance!

“There’s no comparison but he might be able to mentor me through Zoom.”

Alex surprised Max with a message from Jay.

The singer said: “First, take loads of deep breaths and second to everyone else,”

“Be really good to Max, he is very charming and confident but when he can be very quiet when he is nervous.”


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