Stacey Solomon's heartache as she's forced to miss son's sports day due to Covid

STACEY Solomon has revealed her heartbreak as she's been forced to miss her son's sports day because of coronavirus restrictions.

The pregnant Loose Women star, 31, revealed her son Leighton, nine, is so "sad" his mum and her fiance Joe Swash weren't able to cheer him on from the sidelines.

Addressing a post to her son on Instagram, Stacey wrote: "Have the bestest day today at your sports day!

"I know you're so so excited but sad we can't be there.

"I wish I could be there to cheer you on so loudly you'd wish I wasn't there.

"But I can not wait to hear all about it when you get home tonight!

"Love you to the moon and back go get it pickle."


Yesterday, Stacey showed off her son Leighton's fun new bedroom on Instagram today.

The cool space has been painted blue and features vibrant neon lights on the wall.

There's a giant lollipop, a rocket and a planet – which Leighton and younger brother Rex were mesmerised by.

The family had a sleepover in the room after Stacey finally completed the huge bunk bed and bought new bedding for it.

A flat screen TV on the wall is perfect for her lad to watch his favourtie programmes on, and he will soon have a new desk and drawers when they are eventually delivered.

Stacey's dad built a partition wall to create a new room for eldest son Zachary next door so the siblings can easily hang out.

While the end result looks great, there was stress getting it all done.

The pregnant star told fans: "I'm so angry all the time."

The 31-year-old Loose Women panellist, had been struggling to put a bunk-bed saying it had left her "infuriated".

I'm really angry at the moment – just in general, I'm so angry all the time

Fiance Joe Swash wasn't on hand to help as the former EastEnders actor, 39, is on a fishing trip with Harry, his 14-year-old son.

She explained: "I'm really angry at the moment. Just in general, I'm so angry all the time.

"I'm not an angry person either. Nothing really makes me cross or angry other than real injustices or people being nasty to people.

"But right now I'm losing it over making a bunk bed. That just infuriated me. My whole eye at one point was like this [twitching]. Why am I getting so angry about this?"

Stacey is undoubtedly among the less fiery members of the Loose Women team, often making calm points compared to some of the more argumentative panellists.

Some fans suggested her fury at putting up the bunk bed – which she dubbed a "logistical nightmare" – might stem from the fact she's having a girl.

It is the former X Factor star's first daughter in contrast to the three boys she's been pregnant with in the past.

She wrote: "Soooo many of you suggesting it's a girl pregnancy thing. I didn't even think of it being different.

"Hopefully that's what it is and it goes away with the hormones or good luck to Joe and the boys. 😂 🙈 It's probably for the best he's been away all week. 😂."

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