Spoilers: Kat in EastEnders takes revenge on Phil after shock betrayal?

Kat Slater (Jessie Wallace) in EastEnders tends to get what she wants one way or another. She’s a Slater after all, they don’t allow anyone to get the better of them, so when Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden) betrays her in upcoming scenes, will she take revenge to ensure Phil knows he’s made a mistake?

A text from Sharon (Letitia Dean) has Phil promising Kat that there’s nothing between him and Sharon – Kat assures him that she doesn’t care either way.

At the call centre, Mo (Laila Morse) spots Kheerat (Jaz Deol) trying to poach a new customer Stas, from the Mitchell’s. When Mo tells Kat about Kheerat’s dodgy prospective client, Kat puts two and two together.

As Phil meets with Stas, he’s surprised to see Kat’s text and uses the intel to his advantage.

Later in The Vic, Kheerat’s hopes are dashed when Stas turns him down and Phil and Ben (Max Bowden) arrive to gloat.

Phil thanks Kat for the tip off as she wonders what’s going on with Sharon, far too proud to admit her true feelings, she stalks off.

Later in the week, Ben arrives and is surprised to see Kat with Phil. She hastily goes to leave but hears Ben making a nasty comment about her to which Phil agrees – not wanting to blow his cover – leaving Kat embarrassed and upset.

Kat spots Stas and an idea forms, but will she take revenge on Phil?

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