Sorry, Breaking Bad fans – those mule tweets have nothing to do with a movie

Breaking Bad star Anna Gunn has explained the reason behind those recent donkey tweets from Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul, and it’s not connected to a movie after all.

Bryan and Aaron caused hysteria after appearing to tease Breaking Bad movie plans, posting a picture of two donkeys at the same time on Twitter with the caption ‘soon’.

Many believed it was alluding to ‘drug mules’ to form some kind of connection to Breaking Bad’s world of crystal meth dealings, but Anna Gunn, who plays Skyler White, has explained how they’re simply drumming up hype for their new tequila brand.

Speaking on The One Show, Anna said: ‘I believe it is a nod to a mezcal tequila that they are bringing out, the two of them, called Dos Hombres.

‘Bryan was going to have a launch party on Cinco de Mayo last month and he promised that there were would be donkeys there.

‘I got very excited about that and said I’d bring my kids and then [it didn’t happen].’

As host Mel Giedroyc showed her surprise it wasn’t connected to the film, Anna added: ‘No, I’m sorry.’

But will Skyler be back for the movie? Gunn was very cagey on whether she would be involved.

‘I am not allowed to say anything,’ Gunn said. ‘A little mystery.’

Aaron Paul is the only one confirmed to appear in the movie, currently titled Greenbrier, with it unclear whether Cranston will return considering the ending of Breaking Bad.

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