Sienna kidnaps her twins from Warren in Hollyoaks?

Sienna Blake has been put through the ringer after her baby twins were taken from her by Warren Fox (Jamie Lomas).

But it seems she is about to get her life back, as the mourning mother spots her bambinos while hunting for a wedding venue with Maxine (Nikki Sanderson), Damon (Jacob Roberts) and Grace (Tamara Wall).

Whether or not she will try and steal them away is still unknown, however actress Anna Passey has given us some light on what’s to come.

The 34-year-old said: ‘She wants to be as physically close to these twins as possible but she’s very clever about it, she knows that she can’t just snatch them and run – that won’t end well.

‘So, she befriends the au pair, she watches her and her routine, she observes the kids and tries to work out a more sensible kidnap plan this time.

Anna added: ‘She takes the au pair’s phone as a way of guaranteeing to meet up with her again.

‘She knows that she needs to stop her leaving the country and taking the children, so she’s going to need the passports.

‘So she takes the phone and then arranges to meet up with them to return it, in which time Sienna manages to steal all of their passports.’

Talking about the possibility as to whether the twins are her’s or not, Anna said the character is 100 per cent convinced they’re her babies.

‘She just knows that they’re her twins,’ the actress insisted: ‘She’s their mother and she had them for a little while – Sebastian for even longer – and when she sees them she just 100 per cent thinks that they’re hers.’

The soapie went on to discuss Sienna’s relationship with Brody (Adam Woodward), and how he is trying to support her through the difficult time.

‘Yea, Brody is super supportive,’ she revealed.

‘He doesn’t believe her but he isn’t cross about it either, he just wants her to be okay, but she’s still grieving and he tries to get her through that.

Anna continued: ‘He really wants her to put her thoughts about the twins to bed, because otherwise it’s just going to torment her further.’

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