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CASUALTY is set to step into a territory it never has done before in it's upcoming episode.

The show will broadcast it's very first improvised episode with no specific dialogue written for the show but the actors instead saying what they feel the true feelings of their characters are.

This will be Casualty's first ever improvised episode, and is set to air this weekend (December 10) on BBC One and iPlayer.

It will break from the series' traditional scripted format, focusing on paramedics Jan and Sah, as well as their co-workers Iain and Teddy as they're pushed to breaking point.

The episode follows the paramedics across four days and shows the pressure and obstacles they are faced with on busy shifts.

Jan arrives back from holiday with a spring in her step, but is ground down over the course of her shift and makes a terrible mistake.

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Teddy’s (Milo Clarke) confidence is undermined on a difficult call out, and Iain (Michael Stevenson) and Sah both battle with intensely stressful situations. 

Take a closer look at the seven BIGGEST moments set to happen during the special broadcast…

1. Jan is tested

Jan has enjoyed a short break from her role as she continues to struggle but upon her return, her good mood is soon tested when one of the regulars, Robbie, is found drunk and is refusing to co-operate and return to the ED.

Wading through her frustrations, she convinves Robbie to get into the ambulance along with Teddy and the next emergency call soon comes rushing in.

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Jan and Teddy are alerted to a woman suffering from an anaphylactic shock as a result of her nut allergy.

2. Jan and Sah face serious frustrations

Jan and Sah face difficulties when trying to attend to emergencies after consistently becoming stuck in the ambulance queue.

They find themselves unable to respond to urgent calls and Sah feels an increased frustration after being re-directed from one emergency to another, only to become stuck once again.

Things develop further when the pair make their way to a possible stroke but are left dumbfounded upon realising the caller simply wanted to see if the paramedics could do a food shop for her.

Realising they turned down other possible emergencies for that, they rush off to a cardiac arrest they could not get to before but discover that it is too late.

The man sadly dies and Jan is left dealing with his wife's grief.

3. Teddy's confidence crumbles

Teddy finds himself under immense pressure when a female patient stops breathing in the back of the ambulance.

A terrified Teddy manages to step up and perform a surgical airway which ultimately saves the girl's life but he is left questioning himself afterwards.

His confidence takes another knock when the woman's husband abuses him at the hospital until Jan steps in to stick up for Teddy and declare he was strong and brave for taking the lead in such a difficult circumstance.

4. Jan's bad news

Jan is left crushed to hear that the doctors at Holby have been ranked amongst some of the worst in the country.

The stats show that the hospital is well among the lower ranks.

She encourages the team to overlook it and to continue performing to the best of their ability but is left shocked when she re-encounters Robbie and he has some tragic news.

Robbie is back in the ED to treat a cut on his hand which he got after trying to access the property he shared with his wife.

However, he soon announces that his wife sadly passed away two days ago.

5. Teddy confides in Iain

Having battled with his confidence earlier on, it is up to Iain to help support Teddy.

However, Teddy does not initially listen to Teddy's advice and approached a dangerous situation alone.

However Iain is quickly on hand to help support Teddy and he manages to successfully navigate the situation as a result of his help.

Teddy is able to talk down a patient named Scott who has been suffering from a mental health condition.

6. Jan loses her cool

Jan has a shock outburst as the days roll on when a female patient complains about the ambulance queue despite only having a minor leg injury.

Jan feels upset and unleashes into a passionate talk about under funding of the NHS and the lack of support as a result of the patient's questioning.

Unbeknown to Jan, the patient in questions has a large social media following and has recorded her shock outburst for all to see/

7. Jan is involved in an accident

As the week comes to a close, Jan finds herself dealing with a drunken Robbie once again who is now coughing up blood.

In an attempt to rush him to hospital, she reverses quickly, knocking down a passer-by in the process.

Jan's focus spirals as a result of the accident as Sah is left dealing with both patients in a battle to save them.

Dylan is able to tell Jan, the passer-by is okay but Jan is heartbroken to hear of Robbie's death.

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Casualty airs Saturday night on BBC One.

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