Second Hand for 50 Grand guest emotional over reunion with stolen Prada gifted by late mum

Second Hand for 50 Grand: Client surprised with Prada bag

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Rebecca Dransfield, from Sheffield, appeared in a recent episode of the Channel 4 show Second Hand for 50 Grand, which follows firm Xupes as they track high-end second-hand goods. The instalment saw Rebecca hoping to be reunited with a Prada bag given to her by her father and late mother, which was stolen from her when she was younger.

The Xupes team faced the difficult search for an exact copy of the bag.

Rebecca explained she had chosen the bag years before while on holiday with her family in Singapore.

After it was stolen, she had tried to replace it but was distraught to find it had been discontinued.

She asked Xupes’ Reece Morgan, head of handbags, to see if he could find a replica of the bag

After a lengthy search, Reece arrived at Rebecca’s house with news. She’d been waiting nervously, telling her father: “Reece and Rose are coming over.

“Hopefully they’ve got it, but they might not have.” When they eventually arrived, they had something to give Rebecca.

“It’s been the hardest thing I’ve had to source in a long time,” Reece admitted, handing her the bag.

“I hope you like it,” he added as she looked at the Prada bag, stunned.

Rebecca couldn’t believe her eyes as she held the bag and said: “Oh my God, oh wow!”

“Is this the same?” Reece asked, prompting an emotional Rebecca to reply: “It’s exactly the same, yeah. It’s so nice. I actually love it.”

Reece explained: “So we actually managed to find the bag from one of our clients’ collections in Singapore.”

Rebecca was visibly emotional after being reunited with the beloved bag. “It’s beautiful, I’ve missed it so much,” she added.

She later said: “It took me back to when Mum and Dad bought it for me in Singapore, and I was just so in love with the bag.

“It was so good to get it and because I had spent so much time trying to find this bag, I couldn’t believe that they had actually got it.

“It made me feel a bit emotional because Mum used to take me and Lu [Rebecca’s sister] shopping.

“But it was a really special holiday. It took me back to when I chose it with Mum.”

Elsewhere in the same episode, guest Mark was in disbelief when pre-owned luxury retailer owner Joe Mckenzie offered him a six-figure sum for his Rolex Daytona.

Xupes founder Joe met with long-term client Mark and his wife Erin, who were planning to sell some watches.

The pair were gobsmacked when Joe offered them £160,000 for a Rolex Daytona that they had bought for £60,000.

Mark said: “More than happy with the £160,000 and we would love to have these against the Paul Newman,” referring to two other watches Joe had brought.

Second Hand for 50 Grand is available to watch on All 4.

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