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RYAN Seacrest has once again tried to ignore his co-host Kelly Ripa after she cracked yet another raunchy joke on live TV.

The American Idol personality, 47, has been shocked by many of the 51-year-old’s crude comments lately.

The sexual innuendo arrived during the latest edition of Kelly and Ryan’s daily fan game, where they try to guess which of the viewer’s two statements is true.

The fan calling in said she either “won biggest tomato at local farmstand contest” or “has collected more than 400 beanie babies.”

Before making their guess, the Live hosts took turns asking questions about each statement, trying to stump the caller in order to learn which one’s true and which is false.

When it came time for Kelly to ask, she brought her usual sense of humor to it.

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Asking about the fan’s supposed winning tomato, the soap opera alum asked: “How many inches?”

The viewer told her: “It was eight inches across.”

The whole interaction was laced with sexual innuendos, and the crowd and Ryan knew that Kelly would be quick to latch onto it.

She tried to remain expressionless, but she eventually gave in, side-eyeing the producers and the crowd, before starting to completely crack up.

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Meanwhile, Ryan remained his usual calm self, not even reacting to the joke.

“It was really big,” the caller added in, sending Kelly even further into a laughing fit, with others around her joining in this time.

Except for her co-host, who just kind of sighed about the whole raunchy situation.

Ryan told viewers: “I don’t want to even look at her reaction.

“I know not to look now.”

Unfortunately, that determination didn’t last long.

He tried to move on to the next question, but he was unable to hold in the laughter he was apparently trying to contain and just started cracking up with Kelly.

Eventually he was able to recover from the joke and continue on with the game.

The raunchy joke arrived during the pair's last show of the week, but Kelly had also included one during their week-opener broadcast on Monday.

During the Fourth of July broadcast of Live with Kelly and Ryan, the hosts celebrated the holiday with a slew of fun games.

Unfortunately for Kelly, the running theme for the games made it hard for her to remain mature.

Ryan explained to viewers: “Throughout the show, we’re also playing Live’s Fourth of July games. 

“It’s ping-pong-palooza, because each game is being played with ping pong balls.”

Kelly did her best to keep things PG, starting off: “OK, here’s how it works. The person holding the stack of cups is trying to catch–“

That’s when she couldn’t hold herself back and put major emphasis on the last words of the sentence, saying everyone’s “trying to catch the BALLS.”

Loving the youthful humor of it all, Kelly started cracking up, before ending her explanation of the game, saying contestants have to catch what “their teammate is throwing.”

With the whole broadcast focused on these ping pong ball games, Ryan threw some shade at Kelly and her juvenile reaction, telling her: “Good luck making it through this show!”

She just tried to continue again, sharing more of the game: “Once the ping pong ball is caught in the cup, that cup gets moved to the bottom of the stack.”

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The calmness didn’t last long, though, as she once again started laughing and pointing out the innuendo with her enunciations.

“Whichever team stacks all 10 first, or has the most BALLS in their cups, in 60 seconds wins," she finished out her explanation, before later on continuing to make the same joke.

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