Revealed: This Couple From 'The Office' Is Married In Real Life

Long before Netflix broke our hearts by announcing that The Office was leaving its platform, the hit show was receiving critical acclaim during its original run. Premiering back in 2005 on NBC, the hilarious show is thought to be one of the best comedic shows of all time. Featuring a hysterical and dynamic cast, The Office is equal parts funny, ridiculous, and heartwarming. One of the best things about the show, which spanned nine seasons, are the many romances that spark between the characters. But there’s one couple from the show that’s actually married in real life.

Nancy & Steve Carell

Sorry to disappoint you, but the couple we’re referring to is not, in fact, John Krasinski and Jenna Fischer aka Jim and Pam. Though the pair are great friends in real life, they are happily married to other people. However, two stars of the show were married long before The Office even hit the airways. Steve and Nancy Carell, who play Michael Scott & Carol Stills respectively, tied the knot back way back in 1995. The pair have been happily married for a whopping 24 years and have two children together.

The relationship between their characters

Aside from Jan and Holly, Carol had the strongest relationship with Michael and she makes several appearances throughout The Office‘s tenure. First appearing in season two, she is the competent realtor who sells Michael his condo. Michael soon takes interest in the divorced mother of two and the pair begin to date in season three. True to his nature, Michael quickly manages to ruin the relationship. His first foible is publicly proposing to Carol after just a few dates. But, the final nail in the coffin was when he took a picture of Carole, her ex-husband, and her two kids and photoshopped his head onto her ex-husband’s body.

A real-life Jim & Pam love story

Fortunately, Steve and Nancy Carell’s love story is a much sweeter one than that of their characters on The Office. Steve Carell opened up about their relationship on an episode of the Ellen DeGeneres show back in 2015. The couple met when Steve Carell was still working at Second City in Chicago. Nancy Carell worked across the street at the bar and decided to take one of Steve Carell’s improv classes. Steve Carell would often go across the street to the bar after classes and performances and the pair would strike up a conversation. Even though they developed a good rapport, they stayed in the friend zone for weeks because they were both too shy to make the first move.

Steve Carell recounted the way the couple first began dating to DeGeneres. “The conversation would go something like, ‘Hey, you know, if I were ever to ask a woman out, it would be someone like you. Exactly like you.’ And she’d say, ‘If a guy like you were ever to ask a woman like me out, I would definitely do that.’” “This went on for weeks,” Carell said laughing. “Other people at the bar must have been like, ‘Just do it! Put us all out of our misery.’ And finally, we did. It was great” he recalled hilariously.

The Office is leaving Netflix

Well if that isn’t a love story to rival one of the many romances featured on The Office, we don’t know what is. It’s great to see that this couple has been happy together for so long and have gone on to work together again even after The Office ended. Now, if you’ll excuse us, we’ll be binge-watching all the episode of The Office where Michael and Carol were dating to see if we can spot the chemistry. You know…until Netflix takes the series down for good. Sorry, we’re still bitter.

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