‘Pull the b****r in’ Our Yorkshire Farms Clive Owen snaps at son Ruben over farming error

Our Yorkshire Farm: Clive and Ruben argue over building dam

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Channel 5 viewers get an insight into the lives of the Owen family with Our Yorkshire Farm. The hit series follows the large family as they work together to keep their farm up and running. In a recent episode, Clive Owen clashed with his eldest son Ruben as the pair teamed up to build a dam. The father-son duo struggled to agree on the best way to approach the construction job.

In a recent episode of Our Yorkshire Farm, Clive and Ruben attempted to dam the bank of a river that runs through their farm.

The pair were building the dam to stop the river from encroaching onto one of their precious hay meadows.

Clive explained: “It’s just a constant battle with nature, you know, trying to protect what we’ve got.”

However, it soon became clear they each had their own ideas of what would work best.

“I think you should be blocking it there,” Clive said, pointing to the areas of the bank he thought Ruben should focus on.

“It doesn’t matter,” Ruben swiftly replied. “We’re going to dig it out!”

Watching his son control the digger, Clive hit back: “Well, you’ve got to kind of turn it, you know.”

“We’re going to make it wide, it will be wide to there. The more narrow it is the faster it will flow,” Ruben explained.

“Plenty of arguing,” Clive laughed, as he watched his son attempt to take charge of the situation.

The shepherd made it clear he was grateful to have the new digger that Ruben was driving.

“It’s amazing when you have a digger like this and all that power at your disposal.

“I mean, before we couldn’t have dreamt of tackling a job like this and now we can,” Clive remarked.

As the pair continued the tricky task, the shepherd attempted once again to instruct his son.

“Put it in front,” Clive bellowed, with Ruben replying: “Do you want to direct me?”

Clive commented: “You want some big ones right here where it’s going to do some good.”

Ruben said: “Yeah, because we’re going to go right across there aren’t we? And put all that in there?”

“Okay, but you want them in front, your big ones. Just get it in, just pull the b****r in,” Clive snapped.

However, the farmer insisted that despite their disagreements he does enjoy working with his son.

He told viewers: “We work well together. We don’t agree on everything, but that wouldn’t do if we did.

“We’ll hopefully find the best way of doing something,” Clive added.

He went on to praise Ruben for his hard work and problem-solving abilities when it comes to construction.

Clive said: “He works things out, he has a good head on his shoulders and he can see a job and see a solution. He’s a good lad.

“Although I’m the parent and they do, I believe, what I tell them, we’re also mates. It’s great fun to be with him,” he added.

Ruben remarked: “Me and my dad get along quite well. Farming’s never massively been my thing, but digging and construction and machinery is.

“So, it’s nice that now me and my dad have something we both really enjoy,” he said.

Our Yorkshire Farm airs Tuesdays at 9pm on Channel 5.

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