Pregnant Marnie Simpson strips off and poses naked to update fans on her baby bump

MARNIE Simpson has posed naked to celebrate being 27 weeks pregnant.

The 27-year-old updated fans on her growing baby bump with a full body mirror selfie in bed.

Keen to avoid revealing too much, Marnie positioned her bed duvet to cover her private parts.

She told fans: "Baby boy is getting bigger and bigger by the second."

The Geordie Shore beauty is expecting her first child with boyfriend Casey Johnson after meeting on Single AF.

The pregnancy was unplanned and came as a shock to Marnie who feared she may be infertile after years of alcohol abuse on Geordie Shore.

She turned out to party with her former co-star Charlotte Crosby last week at her In The Style launch party.

Charlotte told The Sun Online: "Marnie loves her food now.

"I said she looks glowing and she was laughing saying it's because she's been so healthy lately. She hasn't drunk or smoked for months.

"She said she looks better for it and she really does. She's looking stunning."

Marnie worried she wouldn't able to conceive after her heavy drinking on reality shows.

She also thought an abortion when she was younger may have caused complications.

But today she revealed she's in her third trimester – after admitting her new craving for bath sponges.

"I've been getting these weird cravings," she told The Sun Online.

"So you know like a sponge that you wash yourself with? I've been wanting to chew it.

"I just put it in my mouth when I'm in the shower – and it's really warm.

"I can't get the flannels and sponges out of my head. I just start chewing it and letting the water roll down my face."

Marnie announced she was expecting a boy at a gender reveal party in May surrounded by her friends and family.

She said she was over the moon to be welcoming a boy into her family after secretly hoping for one.

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