‘Piers remains a great friend’ Susanna Reid comments on Piers Morgan’s GMB exit

Piers Morgan ‘remains a great friend’ says Susanna Reid

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Susanna Reid was welcomed onto The Andrew Marr Show on Sunday morning to review the headlines of the day. But, while he had the Good Morning Britain host on the show, Andrew couldn’t help quizzing Susanna about Piers Morgan’s dramatic exit from the ITV show.

After chatting to Susanna about the upcoming Euro 2020 final, Andrew took the opportunity to ask her about her former co-star.

Andrew said: “Susanna you mentioned Wembley just now, I did notice that you were alongside a certain Piers Morgan at a previous game there.

“I just wonder, is this the beginning of the rapprochement, the relationship?

“Are we going to see him back alongside you on television do we think anytime?” he asked.

Although she avoided mentioning any possible return of Piers on Good Morning Britain, Susanna quickly replied: “Oh Piers remains a great friend.

“I know he’ll be watching this morning. In fact, I didn’t see Piers at Wembley, I did see his son Spencer.

“But, morning Piers! How are you doing?” she said waving at the camera.

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