Piers Morgan slams talkRADIO host Mark Dolan for cutting up face mask

Piers Morgan has hit out at ‘reckless’ talkRADIO host Mark Dolan for cutting up a face mask and says he believes his actions will have ‘cost lives’.

Mark came under fire earlier this month for hacking at a face covering with a pair of scissors as he branded them ‘scientifically empty’ and ‘useless’.

Addressing the scenes a day after Jamie East quit the station, Piers called for the broadcaster to think about whether Dolan should be kept on air.

Piers said: ‘If we want to save lives we need to get rid of the wretched Mark Dolan because he should not be doing that on his show.’

Dr Hilary Jones said: ‘I’d like to see him walk down the corridors of a hospital where they’ve got people on ventilators, people on CPAP masks where they’ve got people still in recovery many days after being hospitalised for Covid-19.

‘Just let him meet him some of the staff wearing their PPE for 12 hours a day and then meet some of the patients recovering and see if he still thinks the same way.’

‘TalkRADIO should think about people like Mark Dolan doing things like that on air because that will cost lives.

‘People may die because he did that. Is that what you want to be associated with? Reckless, stupid.’

At the beginning of the month, Mark sparked a torrent of comments on social media after he cut up a facemask on his show.

He said: ‘If you want to save lives and get the country back on track, the only option is to get back to normal. 

‘The first step to achieving that is to get rid of these wretched, god-awful, damned, blinking uncomfortable, scientifically empty, useless masks.’

Face masks are compulsory for all shop workers, bar staff and taxi passengers as part of measures designed to curb the rising number of coronavirus infections across England.

Boris Johnson told MPs that fines for failing to wear a face covering will be doubled to £200 and extended to customers in pubs, restaurants and other hospitality venues who will be required to wear one at all times except when sitting down to eat or drink.

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