Pearson TV series: Who is in the cast of Suits spin-off series Pearson?

Suits spin-off Pearson premieres on USA Network on July 17 with Gina Torres reprising the role of Jessica Pearson. Now based in Chicago, Jessica Pearson struggles with the complex dark underbelly of local politics away from New York City. Torres starred in seven seasons of Suits and appears in all 10 episodes of Pearson alongside a cast made of some of the biggest names from US TV and cinema.

Who is in the cast of Pearson on USA Network?

Jessica Pearson – Gina Torres

Torres takes on the role of Jessica Pearson once more in the new series after leaving Suits in 2018.

Pearson follows the talented lawyer as she switches the seedy and corrupt world of New York City for the seedy and corrupt world of Chicago instead.

Jessica works closely with Mayor Bobby Novak (played by Morgan Spector) throughout his political reign.

Away from Suits and Pearson, Torres has landed a number of other high-profile roles, both on the big and small screen.

Torres starred in the Matrix film franchise as Cas, in HBO series Westworld as Lauren and in ABC drama The Catch.


Bobby Novak – Morgan Spector

Spector takes on the role of Chicago Mayor Bobby Novak in all 10 episodes of Pearson.

The handsome and charming politician faces an upcoming re-election and employs Jessica’s talents to help.

Drama fans will recognise Spector for his part in Showtime series Homeland as well as making a cameo appearance in Suits.

Derrick Mayes – Eli Goree

Mayor Bobby’s press secretary is Derrick Mayes and played by promising actor Goree.

Derrick entered politics with rose-tinted glasses hoping to make a change – however, it isn’t the dream he thought it would be.

Goree landed the role on the USA Network series after impressing on The CW’s Riverdale and HBO series Ballers.


Angela Cook – Chantel Riley

Jessica’s cousin Angela Cook is portrayed on-screen by Riley.

Angela tries to keep Jessica grounded while juggling family life with her two sons.

Riley’s CV boasts a number of huge roles prior to Pearson, including Syfy series Wynona Earp and CBC drama Frankie Drake Mysteries.

Nick D’Amato – Simon Kassianides

Mayor Bobby’s driver Nick accompanies him wherever he goes and watches the drama unfold firsthand.

Nick may seem a relatively cool and collected character but he has a tough-guy persona which occasionally rears its head.

Kassianides stars in every episode of Pearson after previously appearing in Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD and James Bond blockbuster Quantum of Solace.


Yoli Castillo – Isabel Arraiza

Yoli is Jessica’s driven and passionate assistant who hopes she can reap the rewards from working closely with the lawyer.

Jessica’s assistant appears by her side throughout all 10 episodes of the Suits spin-off.

Arraiza landed the role on Pearson having impressed in CBS’ Elementary and the Sean Bean-led drama The Oath.

Keri Allen – Bethany Joy Lenz

Keri is one of Chicago’s most hard-working and ambitious attorney who works closely with the mayor.

The young law hopeful is played by Lenz in every episode of Pearson.

Lenz will be instantly recognisable to a number of viewers for appearances in ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy, One Tree Hill and Colony.

Pearson premieres on USA Network on Wednesday, July 17.

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