Our Yorkshire Farm star Amanda Owen opens up on guilt of leaving Ravenseat

Amanda Owen chats away as she films her winter walk

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During a recent episode of BBC Four’s Winter Walks, Amanda Owen took viewers on a journey as she walked across hills and fields in North Yorkshire. The mum-of-nine, who is well known for her Channel 5 show Our Yorkshire Farm, ventured out on her own as she chatted about life on Ravenseat Farm and her family life. However, in a candid admission, the 47-year-old spoke about the guilt of not working.

Winter Walks saw Amanda taking ancient routes first made by the Romans and exchanging notes with fellow sheep farmers.

In the episode, Amanda kicked off her walk-in Bainbridge and followed the river Bain and a Roman road to end up at Lake Semer Water.

During her trek, the Yorkshire Shepherdess bumped into a couple of fellow farmers also out on walks.

“I feel a bit self-conscious really,” Amanda admitted to one farmer. “Because I don’t think farmers do go walking apart from on their own patch.”

“Some do,” Wilfred the farmer replied as he pointed to his pal. “Harold has got a good route.”

“You do? You’re a walker?” Amanda asked as the farmer replied: “Well, not really.

“To tell you the truth I walk a little bit back to where I was born. I still like going for a wander around as I know the people.”

“It just feels a little bit kinder over in this Dale to where I am at,” Amanda pointed out. “It does feel a bit drier underfoot as well.”


As Amanda set back out on her solo walk, she reflected on being away from her duties on the farm.

“I am determined that I am not going to feel guilty about the fact I am not at work today,” the mum-of-nine said.

“It makes me think about a poem called Freedom by Olive Runner.”

“Give me the long straight road before me, a clear cold day with the nippy air,” Amanda continued as she recited some of the poem.

“Tall bear trees run beside me,” she added. “A heart that is light and free from care.”

After reciting the rest of the poem, Amanda spoke about the walks she goes on with her husband, Clive Owen and their children.

She explained: “When me and my husband, and the children are out at the Moor. If you look at the ground and see where the footprints are, the hoof prints, and you can pretty much guarantee that you are walking on safe ground.”

The farmer went on to reflect on how strange it felt to go out on a walk by herself.


“It feels just a bit strange because I’m on my own,” Amanda admitted.

“There’s nobody nipping at my heels, there’s nobody asking questions.

“That’s not to say that I don’t like being out and about with the family and the children, of course, that’s great.

“But the old analogy of a dog being like its owner is true because sheepdogs can’t switch off, they just want to work, their minds are buzzing, and that’s how I feel.”

Winter Walks is available to watch on BBC iPlayer.


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