Olivia Newton-John’s niece in heartbreaking pledge to Grease star

Olivia Newton-John's niece says she'll keep star's legacy alive

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On Tuesday’s instalment of Good Morning Britain, hosts Susanna Reid and Ed Balls spoke to Olivia Newton-John’s niece Tottie Goldsmith on the Australian actresses’ annual Walk for Wellness fundraiser. The guest explained people across the world can take part virtually as she plans to continue Olivia’s hard work.

On August 8 it was announced Olivia had died at her Californian Ranch with her family and friends by her side.

The Grease actress lost her fight to breast cancer at the age of 73 after first being diagnosed in 1992.

Throughout her 30-year battle, Olivia set up her own cancer Wellness and Research Centre in Melbourne to treat cancer and conduct research and clinical trials.

The star started an annual Walk for Wellness fundraiser which allows people from across the globe to raise funds for her charity.

Her niece, Tottie, appeared on Good Morning Britain to explain how she’ll be continuing Olivia’s work as the annual walk approaches.

Following the Grease star’s death, she feels it is more important this year to support her dream.

With Olivia’s daughter Chloe Lattanzi teaming up with her, Tottie said: “I’m so happy, not just for myself that Chloe’s jumping in and for the hospital, but really happy for Chloe as well.
“Because having a really strong sense of purpose when you’re going through grief, is a really powerful thing to help you.”

Tottie told Susanna and Ed she and Chloe will be holding each other’s hands and having one another’s back while endorsing the Walk for Wellness fundraiser.

She added: “Helping keep Olivia’s legacy alive is just such an important thing.

“We’re both very passionate about it, I’ve been doing this for a long time.

“Till the day I die, I will be keeping her legacy alive.

Touching on the work the wellness centre does, Olivia’s niece said they offer things such as oncology massages and acupuncture along with art and music therapy.

Tottie explained Olivia went out and sourced these by herself, which have all been proven to help with the pain, nausea and anxiety of having cancer.

She added: “Olivia had to go and find all that stuff herself while she was going through her treatment.

“This is why it was so important for her to set up the centre and for us to keep it alive.”

This year, the annual walk is taking place on October 9 to honour Olivia’s legacy.

In a social media post, Chloe shared she wanted to carry the torch for her mum as she teams up with Tottie to endorse the fundraiser.

Speaking about her mum on Instagram, she wrote: “Her dream was for kinder wholistic treatments for cancer, and to finally put an end to all the suffering cancer causes for countless beings around the planet.

“I love you mama. I miss you every day. And I feel you wrapped around me every moment guiding my every move.”

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