‘Nothing lasts forever’ Richard Osman addresses possible Pointless exit after new role

Zoe Ball apologies to Richard Osman for getting his name wrong

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Richard Osman has been a co-presenter on the BBC quiz show since 2009. The comedian co-hosts Pointless alongside Alexander Armstrong. The comedian has also since branched out into writing crime novels, which have become a huge success. However, during an interview with Ben Shephard and Susanna Reid on Thursday’s Good Morning Britain, the duo asked Richard whether he has any plans to leave his role on Pointless to write full-time.

Ben Shephard began the interview by asking Richard which his favourite job title was at the moment.

“It’s almost like I was waiting to find out what I was actually good at,” he joked.

“And crime writing seems to be the thing.”

Ben proceeded to hold up a copy of Richard’s latest book titled, The Man Who Died Twice.

As he discussed the plot of his book, Richard admitted he was “worried” about bringing out a second book.

He told the hosts the first book did well, as he continued: “The second one did even better.

“I am thrilled. People love it, there are laughs, tears and a great mystery.”

Susanna went on to ask the presenter about film-maker Stephen Spielberg, as she said: “He loved it. But has he started making it [the movie]?”

“Big Steve?” Richard asked. “Not yet. Hopefully, in the spring they’re going to make it which is lovely.”

“Are they starting the casting [for the film]?” Ben asked as Richard simply replied: “Yes they are.

“Unfortunately, I have no exclusives for you but people in the street shout out who they’d like to be in it.”

He explained lots of people want the likes of Julie Walters and Helen Mirren to star in the movie.

“Do you have an influence?” Susanna asked as she quizzed Richard on who he’d like to star in the film.

“No not really,” he admitted. “I suppose if I put my foot down but that’s not really my style.

“I think if you’ve got Steven Spielberg on board, you’d probably leave it to him.

“The lovely thing about working on television and you just hope you’re good enough at what you do to hang around.”

“And with films, it’s just not a world I am experienced in,” he added.

“How long are you going to be able to do Pointless now that you’re Hollywood material?” Susanna asked.

Richard went on to point out that as Ben would know when filming Tipping Point, you can get episodes filmed pretty quickly.

“I want to write forever now because I love it and I feel like I’ve got such a connection to it,” the host admitted.

“I’ll try to do Pointless for as long as I possibly can but nothing lasts forever,” he concluded.

However, Richard looks like he’ll remain part of the Pointless crew for some time yet as there are no concrete plans for him to leave.

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