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TEDDY puts his life on the line, Iain and Faith's friendship is tested and there's much more surrogacy drama for Robyn in next week's double bill.

There's double the drama in Casualty this Saturday. Get the lowdown on what you can expect.

1. Marty supports Robyn 

Charlie questions Robyn's decisions after her earlier disagreement with Paul.

Robyn explains that she wants to feel like a mum again, but Charlie warns her that those feelings could make her more vulnerable to being taken advantage of.

Charlie confronts a confused Marty over their decision to choose Robyn as a surrogate.

He tells him that she has already had to give up one baby.

Marty is hurt that Robyn hadn't told him about her abortion

He begins to wonder whether a contract might not be such a bad idea after all.

2. Iain and Faith's friendship is tested

Iain and Faith don't see eye to eye after a patient named Liv comes into A and E after injury sustained after a few drinks and falling down some stairs.

Iain questions Liv's ability to look after her son DJ, but Faith suggest they should try to understand why Liv got into such a state before judging her.

But Iain strongly disagrees saying that DJ's safety should be their priority.

Faith is outraged to find out that Iain has reported Liv to Adi behind her back.

3. Teddy becomes a hero

Patient Cai becomes trapped in a tunnel and the rescue team still nowhere to be seen.

So Teddy takes matters into his own hands and dives underwater to help.

But when his radio cuts out, Teddy is forced to perform a procedure, which goes wrong.

His bravery and quick thinking ultimately saves Cai, but Teddy suffers a crisis of confidence and decides to take some time off from work.

4. Sah goes back to work

Teddy is now taking time off which means Jan is two paramedics down.

So Jan pressures Sah to come back to work.

Sah agrees – however they are thrown into the deep end by defending a patient from a group of bullies.

5. Stevie wants to hide her relationship

Marcus asks Stevie if they will they go public about their relationship when he gets a consultant job.

But Stevie laughs at the idea, explaining that the last thing she needs is her colleagues thinking she's sleeping with someone at the top.

Stevie pursues her ambition of becoming Clinical Lead.

But she is hurt when Marcus questions her bedside manner being an obstacle to this.

When Faith backs this up, Stevie is left determined to change opinions of her, in order to become Clinical Lead.

6. Robyn tells Paul to move on

Paul tells Robyn they should give their relationship another go after saying the surrogacy doesn't need to mean the end of them.

But Robyn doesn't believe it would work out and suggests Paul ask Trudy out instead.

He does, but as Robyn spots Paul and Trudy walking off together at the end of the shift, it's clear she misses him and feels lonely.

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7. Dylan struggles with his emotions

Dylan annoys Stevie by interfering with the care.

However, Stevie doesn't notice that Dylan seems to recognise Laura.

When Stevie hears that Laura has died, she vows to show her caring side and checks whether Dylan is alright.

Dylan is visibly upset on hearing this and struggles with his emotions outside.

He later tells Faith that Laura was a friend of his from AA, and had been sober for years.

Dylan takes his frustrations out on a patient's mother, which alarms Marcus.

8. Adi has doubts about the surrogacy

Adi insists Robyn is already blurring lines by referring to herself as "Aunty Robyn", and reiterates that boundaries need to be set.

Unfortunately, the decision is taken out of his hands when Robyn instructs Adi to meet her in the pub after work.

Adi hopes that it's to talk everything through, but is astounded when Robyn announces to everyone that she's planning to be a surrogate for her friends.

9. Robyn shocks Paul

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Paul is shocked when he reads a surrogacy contract that Robyn has printed off.

Although Robyn dismisses Paul's concerns to his face, she echoes his questions when chatting to Marty later on.

Robyn expresses hurt that Adi and Marty want to make their arrangement so formal and doesn't see why they can't trust that they will just chat through any problems that arise in real-time.

Casualty airs on Saturday nights on BBC One.

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