NCIS: Why did Gibbs kill Jimmy Palmers ex-girlfriend?

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NCIS’ chief medical examiner Jimmy Palmer (played by Brian Dietzen) has been in the drama since season one but it wasn’t until 2012 that he was made a series regular. Jimmy has been the optimistic member of the team, providing the positive attitude which is needed from time to time in such an intense job. Earlier in the series, he even found love with one of his co-workers.

WARNING: This article contains spoilers from NCIS.

Why did Gibbs murder Jimmy Palmer’s ex-girlfriend?

NCIS Special Agent Michelle Lee (Liza Lapira) first appeared in the season four premiere Shalom.

She and Jimmy started dating midway through season four but tried their best to keep their romance on the down-low.

It wasn’t until series six that the rest of the team did find out as it was revealed Jimmy’s girlfriend had been working as a mole.

She had been leaking classified material and despite not wanting to do it, Jimmy felt obligated to inform Gibbs on what she had been doing.

Jimmy felt guilty for what had been going on and when he explained the situation, the team admitted to knowing about their relationship.

Nevertheless, they didn’t blame him and knew he wouldn’t have known what Michelle had been up to.

When they confronted Michelle, it was explained that she had been forced to betray the team as her younger adopted sister Amanda (Tiffany Espensen) had been kidnapped.

Her kidnappers were blackmailing Michelle, threatening Amanda’s life if she did not comply with their orders.

She was eager to try and make amends for what she had been doing and agreed to become a triple agent.

Michelle began working alongside NCIS to take the group down and rescue her sister.

However, during the course of the undercover operation, Michelle was taken hostage by her handler.

To put an end to the lead kidnapper for good, Michelle gave Gibbs permission to shoot through her in a crowded subway in order to kill him.

Sadly, this meant the death of Michelle which left Jimmy heartbroken.

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This may have been the first time Jimmy lost a loved one but it wasn’t the last.

During the season 19 time jump, it is discovered that Jimmy’s wife Breena Palmer (Michelle Pierce) died of COVID-19.

Breena, who worked as a mortician, got married to the chief medical examiner in 2012.

They later welcomed their daughter Victoria who is now five years old.

NCIS will return for season 19, episode eight, on Monday, November 29, on CBS.

The synopsis for the episode entitled Peacekeeper reads: “NCIS investigates the case of a Navy reservist whose body is found in a beat-up car at the end of a gun range.

“Also, Kasie weighs the pros and cons of buying a gun.”

NCIS season 19 is currently airing every Monday on CBS in America. A UK release date hasn’t yet been announced.

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