Money Heist: Who has died so far in La Casa de Papel? Full list of each death

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Money Heist fans are still reeling over the death of Nairobi (played by Alba Flores) at the end of season four of La Casa de Papel. However, she was one in a long line of dramatic and heartbreaking deaths so far. Ahead of the show’s final series, has rounded up all the major characters who were killed off and what happened to them.

Who has died so far in La Casa de Papel?


The first major member of the team to be killed off in Money Heist was Radko Dragic (Roberto Garcia) who was known by his code name Oslo.

He was killed by his cousin Helsinki (Darko Peric) at the end of season one in an act of mercy.

This was because he had been hit over the head by a hostage, which left him braindead.

Helsinki strangled him to death with a pillow in order to put him out of his misery.


Moscow (Paco Tous) was killed next in the show when he was shot dead by the police.

The character, also known as Agustin Ramons, had been involved in the heist with his son Denver (Jaime Lorente).

However, he didn’t make it out alive after he was caught up in a shootout in front of the Royal Mint of Spain.

But fans have seen him again in the series as he has appeared in several flashback sequences.


One of the most heartbreaking deaths so far for fans of the series was Berlin’s (Pedro Alonso).

He was already dying of a terminal disease but at the end of season two, he sacrificed himself.

He used his body as a human shield to distract the police and allow his fellow heist members more time to escape.

However, he has since gone on to have a major role in the show through flashbacks in seasons three and four.


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Ariadna Cascales

Ariadna Cascales (Clara Alvarado) was one of the hostages at the Royal Mint during the first heist.

She went through a great deal of trauma in the series due to her relationship with Berlin.

He manipulated and raped her and it seems was also responsible for her death.

She was last seen when he jumped in front of the police and it was implied she was also killed at the same time.


Nairobi (Alba Flores) was shot badly right at the end of season three, which left fans worried for her health.

The team managed to save her life but the end of the line soon came for the beloved character at the hands of Gandia (Jose Manuel Poga).

He took her as a hostage in season four before he was eventually persuaded to let her go.

However, this did not last long as he then shot her in the head as she walked away, killing her instantly.


Gandia was also seemingly killed at the end of season four as revenge for Nairobi’s death.

He was shot by Bogota (Hovik Keuchkerian) before the team tried to keep him alive to manipulate the Spanish police.

However, by the end of the season, he was limp in their arms and it seemed like he was a goner.

Money Heist seasons 1-4 are available to stream on Netflix now.

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