MICs Ollie and Gareth Lockes unique Grecian baby names explained

Made In Chelsea star Ollie Locke and his husband Gareth have become parents for the very first time, after their surrogate gave birth to twins.

The proud new fathers announced the birth, which actually happened six weeks ago, on Instagram and YouTube – where they posted a sweet 15-minute video which showed them preparing to go to the hospital, and then bringing their tiny new babies home.

Ollie and Gareth, both 36, given their baby boy and girl some very unusual names, with the boy named Apollo, and the girl named Cosima – but they've already started nicknaming her 'Cosy'.

The babies' full names are Apollo Magnus Obi and Cosima Emily Bex – the third name of the little girl is after their surrogate.

No doubt Ollie and Gareth have spent the last nine months thinking long and hard about what to name their little ones.

According to Nameberry, the name Apollo is boy's name of Greek origin meaning "destroyer", although, according to SheKnows, the name means "manly beauty", in Greek mythology.

The name Cosima is also set along the lines of beauty as, according to The Bump, it is derived from Kosmâs, which means "order" and "beauty."

New dads Ollie and Gareth have been documenting their time waiting for the arrival of their twins, after trying for a family for the past few years.

Their dreams finally came true this month when their surrogate, Bex, gave birth to Apollo who weighed 3lb 10oz, and Cosima, who was 2lb 11oz.

"Guys, the news we've been wanting to tell you for so many years – we are finally dads!" said Ollie in an Instagram video.

"The twins are here!" added Gareth, while Ollie cheekily explained: "And you can only see them on our YouTube channel!"

The video shared by Ollie and Gareth showed them collecting the twins then welcoming them to their new home.

"There's two babies, not one, and they're both screaming," said Ollie.

Back in February, it was announced that their chosen mother had finally fallen pregnant after their many failed IVF attempts in recent years.

They are clearly very close to their surrogate, who has two children of her own, and Ollie has often shared gushing posts about her to Instagram.

On 1 July, he shared three snaps of her growing bump, as he captioned the post: "30 weeks!! We love you @bex7ward you are forever our biggest superstar and we can’t wait to meet you babies! Your daddies already love you more than you could ever know!! Xxxx".

After the twins' birth, Ollie told Hello! : "The babies are here – this is what we’ve been waiting for. It’s this wonderful moment when we know that we’re the fathers we always wanted to be."

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