Michelle Keegan says Mark Wright wouldn't even have got a date if he didn't like dogs

FORMER Coronation Street and Our Girl star Michelle Keegan admitted husband Mark Wright wouldn’t have got a look in if he didn’t like her dogs.

Couple Mark and Michelle celebrate their sixth wedding anniversary tomorrow – but would it have been a different story if Mark didn't like pets?

The 33-year-old actress confessed that her dachshund Phoebe and chihuahua Pip are a top priority.

Michelle told the Mirror: “I am a massive dog lover. My sausage dog has been with me since I was 21.

“Until you get your own dog you don’t realise how much love you have for your pets.

“Mark is a dog person, massively. He had to be to even go on a date with me. The most important things in my life are my dogs.”

Over lockdown, Michelle admitted she enjoyed doing jigsaw puzzles and one featured dogs.

She said: “I was a jigsaw girl in lockdown. I did about 13 or 14. The last one I did was of a vet with loads of dogs around him.”

She added: “My mum is a massive jigsaw fan… I have always associated it with being relaxed so I ordered a few on Amazon.

"I also have been doing karaoke. I would get the karaoke machine out and sing until the early hours of the morning.”

She also revealed that she gave TOWIE star Mark a haircut, but it ended badly.

Michelle said: “It was so bad. That was in the first lockdown. You know Peaky Blinders? It was like that.

"It was uneven, all over the shop. In the end, we had to shave it all off. He had to have a skinhead because of me.”

The couple first met in 2012 and Mark proposed just nine months later.

He described Michelle as “what every boy dreams of – affection in a relationship, love, best friend, a girl I fancy everything rolled into one”.

Michelle’s latest project involves starring as Erin in Sky One ­comedy drama Brassic.

She said: “We finished filming a couple of weeks ago. We were supposed to film over four months, but because of Covid we had a few pushbacks and filmed for seven.

“It was good, as I had a bit of normality in my life. But I could not see my loved ones and I found that difficult.”

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